10 Things I’ll Never Live Down- Number Three

It’s football season. And in my family, that means it’s a matter of time before someone brings up a reference to another thing I’ll never live down.

I married into a family of football fans.

I’d never been much of a football fan myself, mostly because I didn’t understand the rules.

I had no idea what a down was, what “3rd and 10” meant, or why on earth sometimes a team scored 6 points and other times it was 2 or 3.

And I really, really didn’t understand why an idiot player would take the ball and run straight into the onslaught of giants in front of him.

None of it made sense to me.

But then I married into a family of super-fans, and my hubby started with Football 101, allowing me to ask questions until I finally gleaned enough of an understanding of the game that I could really become a fan.

My father-in-law holds season tickets to his favorite college team, so when he invited me to tag along with him and my husband to a game, I was really excited.  I wanted to see this game up close; to really enjoy the atmosphere of it.

I’d been to one or two college games before, but at the time, I was more of  a fan of the band and cheerleaders than I was the actual players.

So this would be the first game when I could really appreciate the game and be part of the atmosphere.

We settled into out seats. I cheered with the rest of the crowd when the boys took the field. I sang the fight song and yelled like crazy at kickoff. I watched with intensity, and asked my husband and father-in-law questions for clarification as the game went on.  They were kind enough to oblige my ignorance so that I could better understand the game.

But then came THE question.

The next play was coming up and I didn’t really know how they judged the distance to the next down. So, I leaned over to my husband and asked–

“Where’s the yellow line?”

“Huh?” Hubby responded.

“The yellow line on the field–where is it?”

Taking in my serious face, my hubby held in his chuckles long enough to elbow his dad and have me repeat the question. Then they both burst into uncontrollable laughter and shared my question with the fans around us.

I had no idea why they were laughing.

“Jenny, the yellow line is computer-generated on the screen for the viewers at home.”

My face flamed and my father-in-law (who has always loved to crack jokes about me being blonde) laughed until I thought he was going to faint.

And I gave him plenty of ammunition. Serious, serious blonde moment.

And to this day, I haven’t lived it down. Every football season a male in my husband’s family makes a crack about the yellow line on the field.

I’ve been to plenty of games since and have been able to impress my hubby, his brothers, and my father-in-law with my growing knowledge of the game.  I’ll never forget the time I called a player offsides from the stands, shocking the males in the family so much that their eyes bugged out.

So, yeah, I’ve learned a lot about the game. I can now be considered a true fan.

But as for the yellow line, I’ll never live it down.


Share with me: Are you a football fan or married to one? What team do you support? Have you ever had a “blonde moment”? How did you handle it?


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8 responses to “10 Things I’ll Never Live Down- Number Three

  1. You had me till Roll Tide! lol As we are MS state fans around this house.I never understood football, but my husband's family are fanatics as well. LOL I've never asked about the yellow line! That's hilarious!

  2. You're both sick . . . Hook 'em Horns!I have to be careful. Kristen slaps me if I get too far out of line with the blonde jokes.

  3. So glad to hear you enjoy football. I've always loved it, but I'm still not absolutely clear on the difference between half-backs and full-backs. Seems like the same position sometimes. Can anyone enlighten me?P. S. Go Sooners!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ok, I'm coming out of hiding because you're speaking my language! I will always support my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, even though college football games up here in the Great White North are few and far between!! But I'm also a huge Indianapolis Colts fan (and so sad Peyton Manning likely won't be back before we head to the Colts / Saints game in New Orleans). And, I've learned to appreciate the Canadian Football League… even though they have 110 yards and only three downs (what the heck, Canada?!). My favorite season is Fall because of football! So glad you're learning football and can talk shop with the boys (and girls)!Go Jackets!! :)P.S. So glad you had a great Conference! I absolutely can't wait to read your first book!!

  6. I love this!! I personally think them putting a yellow line on the actual field would be a brilliant idea. It would give the players something visual to run to, and for us in the stands it would be a whole lot easier to tell where the first down is as opposed to the stupid little markers on the sides of the field. Just wait. Someday they will be bowing to your early vision of this!!I'm a huge college football fan. The Nebraska Cornhuskers are my team!! Go Big Red!!

  7. Roll, Tide, Roll…Around the bowl and down the hole!HOTTY TODDY!!!!

  8. Thanks for the sympathy, all. 🙂 Jillian- maybe I am a visionary! I never thought of it that way. Ha!Aleesha- can't wait for you to read it, too. :)Jeannie- whatev. (Sorry, that's the only comeback I got right now!)

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