What Is It Like Being Married to You?

It’s relationship discussion time!

What is it like being married to you?

My husband and I are charter members of a new Sunday school class at our church that is focusing on marriages, and this was the question asked to us at the very first session a few months ago.

The room was silent as we all pondered our responses.

It didn’t take me long to come up with mine.

I know exactly what it’s like being married to me.

This question, although prompting the automatic response of, “it’s perfection!” was very convicting.

For the first time in a long time, I considered “our” marriage from “his” side. What an eye-opening moment.

Lots of love and fun, sure, but also things for me to work on. This question, this one little question, has already changed our marriage for the better.

So, I present it to you.

Share with me: What’s it like being married to you?


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8 responses to “What Is It Like Being Married to You?

  1. Yikes – that is convicting! Because while I know hubby loves me and loves being married to me, I also know there are things I do that would drive me NUTS if I was married to myself.

  2. K– That's the thought I had exactly! Very convicting!

  3. Oh boy! Yep, I'm as convicted as the rest of you. I'm not the easiest person to live with. So glad my husband is full of grace…and mercy!

  4. I thought you might have answered, "It's Hale!"

  5. Pause.Ponder.Gulp.You see … I live with a man … wait, that sounds way wrong! I'm married to a man who is sooo servanthearted. And it is so easy to let someone with the gift of service, um, serve me.Yikes.It is better to give than receive. But it is so much easier to receive, isn't it?

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  7. Beth- I love your honesty, because that is exactly the same thought I had about myself!! I've gotten too good at letting him "serve" and not being grateful. I'm tellin' ya, this question changed my perspective.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Jenny! So helpful in thinking about how to love Stephen while he's an ocean away. These questions come even less naturally with the distance, but so challenging and worth pondering even now.

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