Christmas is for Lovers

There’s something about this time of year–the nip in the air, lights everywhere, the imagery of snowflakes gently falling and firelight warming each home–it’s terribly romantic.

Who needs Valentine’s Day when you’ve got Christmas?

Christmas is the most romantic time of year, in my opinion. It’s more romantic, I think, than Valentine’s Day. But I’m no fan of Valentine’s Day anyway (this is a post for another time…).

This is the season for love. For the ultimate love was shown for all humanity when God sent his son to become the Savior of the world.

Something just happens this time of year. It’s a time for excitement. For cheer. For happiness and joy–and no one wants to be alone.

Romanticizing the season is a given. Christmas novels are very popular, especially within the CBA (Christian) market. The idea of finding true love while decorating a Christmas tree…yeah, people eat that up.

I bet several of you have anniversaries in December. It’s a very popular time to get married. (Some claim it’s because the church is already decorated, but I think it’s because it’s romantic…)

What about Christmas songs? How many of them are about love, being separated at the holidays from the one you love, or wishing the one you love joy and cheer? Gazillions of them.

And have you watched the Hallmark Channel lately? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been recording and watching just about every Christmas movie they’ve shown this season. Some are good and some are…not good. But I love them anyway.

It’s the season for snuggling in the cold, mistletoe and buying your true love a gift every day for twelve days. *Side note–I would not enjoy receiving all the different kinds of birds mentioned in that song.*

It’s all about getting into the spirit of Christmas and sharing it with the one you love.

Share with me: What’s your favorite Christmas book or movie and why?


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5 responses to “Christmas is for Lovers

  1. Favorite Christmas movie?It's a tie between White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life.Those two movies are must-sees each holiday season. Truth be told, my family usually watches them more then once. And White Christmas — we always put that movie on while we decorate our tree! Love to hear the music in the background.

  2. White Christmas! It has been my favorite since I was a kid. My cousin and I used to sing "Sisters, sisters…"

  3. I have too many favorite Christmas movies to watch. Glad they are only once a year so I'll never get bored of them. :O)

  4. It's tradition at our house, for the last 16 years, to watch White Christmas on Christmas Eve, but it's not my favorite Christmas movie.I think my favorite old movie is It's a Wonderful Life and a more contemporary movie would be While You Were Sleeping.And goofy? A toss up between Elf and Christmas Vacation!

  5. Oh yes! December is a romantic month, except when someone *cough* spazzes out about an upcoming event or goes back to the store for "one more thing" one too many times and is decidedly not romantic. My poor husband… 🙂

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