The Tower of “Babble”– What Did You Say?

I had a crazy dream the other night.

It was one of those dreams that sticks with you. One that you wish you could psycho-analyze so that you could better understand the subconscious.

In my dream, I was speaking Spanish. Fluently.

How weird is that?

I did minor in Spanish in college, but college was a while a few years ago, and I haven’t really practiced much. I certainly wouldn’t label myself as being anywhere near fluent.

Just a few hours before I had this crazy dream, I was reading a Bible story to my kids–it happened to be the story of the Tower of Babel. (Again, I think there are crazy things going on in the subconscious here…)

I explained how the people built a tower to heaven, claiming to want to be like God, to receive his glory merely for their ability to construct.

And when God gave them different languages, suddenly, construction fell apart.

But how did God do it? How did the people go from understanding each other perfectly one day to complete confusion between the tongue and ears the next? A flip of a switch somewhere in the brain?

And then I have that crazy dream where I’m speaking Spanish. And all the people around me are, too, and yet we understand each other. And in the dream, I knew Spanish was not my first language, and I realized that ability to speak and understand the language so well was pretty cool.

And since the dream stuck with me, it got me thinking–maybe somewhere in our subconscious we do have the ability to understand each other. Perhaps that switch, the one God flipped, hasn’t been removed from us completely, but is in there, waiting to be flipped the other way. Perhaps we do have the ability to comprehend and communicate in whatever language we choose, without having to study or master it. But God has turned it off as punishment for man’s arrogance at the Tower of Babel, and someday he’ll turn it back on.

Someday when we’re all in heaven, there were be no language barrier among believers. There will be no need to have to learn new languages in order to communicate.

Instead, we’ll all speak the language of God fluently.

For now, I’ll hope I have more dreams like the one I had. I’d like to master French and Italian in those. At least I know that somewhere, deep down, I might have the capability to do it.

It makes me wonder what other God-secrets are hidden in our subconscious, waiting to be unlocked.

Share with me: What other God-secrets do you think might be hidden in our subconscious brains? If you could choose one language (other than your own) to be fluent in, which would you choose and why?


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5 responses to “The Tower of “Babble”– What Did You Say?

  1. I wish I knew what God secrets were locked away in my thick head. But I think the pride of man has not only limited God, but also the use of our brains. We use such a scant amount of the incredible resource God put between out ears. Imagine how much better we might be able to discern God's truth and even the supernatual things of God if we could just undo all the damage of our intellectual superiority and surrender that grey matter the way God intended it. Don't they say the greatest intellectual prodigies might only tap into 12% of their great minds. Crazy!I barely remember my high school French. Enough to understand some, but not much beyond a few basic conversational attributes. I wish I had pursued it further.

  2. i'd pick spanish in a heartbeat. as a therapist who is fluent, i could make SO much more money, especially here in california. jeez. it would be ridiculous. and, no give a non-self-serving answer, there is SUCH a need for bilingual therapists, know…i'm free to analyze anytime for friends…..:) lol! in all seriousness, most dreams truly are connected to something from our day…even if it's tiny. you found the link already…that Bible story. cool how our brains work!

  3. Jen,You have such neat insights! I too wonder what secrets are locked away. It's quite an amazing to think that at one point everyone understood each other! And I certainly wish learning languages was as easy as a dream. 🙂

  4. Jeannie- I wondered if you were going to analyze me. Glad I did it for myself this time. 😉

  5. I love that Bible story!I would choose Italian in a heartbeat. I'm Italian and have some distant relatives in Italy that I'd love to be able to visit and converse with. One day…

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