Nostalgic Notes- Which Songs Take You Back?

I’m feeling a little nostalgic this week. Anyone else?

Encyclopedia Britannica is closing the presses. Wow. My kids will never know the joy of flipping through a brand new encyclopedia for a school project. Yes, I said joy. I was/am/always will be a nerd at heart.

My hubby and oldest son are coming up on birthdays, with our youngest son not far behind. Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas like, a few days ago? Sheesh, 2012.

Our family, both immediate and extended, is dealing with some changes– changes that were unexpected, undesired, and for the most part, difficult on everyone.

My grandmother is moving ever closer to meeting Jesus face-to-face. Oh, the joy that will come in that moment–when she’s healed and whole and reunited with my grandfather! This is not a sad thing for me, but more of a moment of treasured rejoicing. I’ll certainly miss her, but she’s been suffering from Alzheimer’s for a very long time, and my grandfather went to heaven a little over a year ago. She’s going to be in the arms of Jesus soon. That gives me goosebumps.

My baby brought home his graduation pictures— cap and gown photos that signify his completion of Kindergarten. I had a flash forward to the future–he’s going to be graduating high school all too soon.

So I’ve been feeling nostalgic. I did what I usually do when I’m in that sort of a mood–I turned to some tunes to rock out.

Thanks to the incredible invention that is Pandora (where have you been all my life?), I created a station for myself that would take me back to some of the days of yesteryear.

I created a station called N’SYNC Radio.

Do not judge me.

N’SYNC, The Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Shakira, Mark Anthony, Ricky Martin, Enrique Eglesias– I was just in the mood for some up-beat music. It takes me back to the end of high school, beginning of college years. (And yes, I think there’s even a little Britney Spears sprinkled in this mix. Eek!)

I like songs that transport me to happy memories. Who doesn’t?

Anything by Dave Matthews Band or any song off of Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill put me right back in the room or car of my best friend from high school, circa 1997.

Garth Brooks or Diamond Rio– takes me back to living with my family in California when I was in middle school– I was in a big country music phase then.

Pearl Jam– Any song reminds me of the early “just dating” days with my hubby. He’s still a huge Pearl Jam fan, but I used to kid him about it– I don’t think Eddie Vedder can sing at all. In fact, he’s awful and sounds kind of like a dying cat.

Sandi Patty- my parent’s living room when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of heaven the first time I heard her do “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” with Larnell Harris.

The Gaither Vocal Band, the Cathedrals, JD Sumner and the Stamps, any of the old gospel quartets– remind me of sitting in my grandparents’ living room, watching the Gaither VHS tapes with them.

Disney Soundtracks, specifically Pocahontas– remind me of my sister. Hanging out in her room when we were both younger, belting it out to see who’d make the better Disney princess. “What I like most about rivers is, you can’t step in the same river twice…”

I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin McCain- that’s “our” song. 🙂 C’mon. Let me hear a collective “awwwww……”

I love music. And I love the memories music evokes in me.

Perhaps I’m just trying to justify the fact that I was in the mood to listen to boy bands & the leaders of the Latin explosion of the early 2000s. Whatever. Don’t judge.

I’m really, really glad that no one could see me “break it down” to Bye Bye Bye (N’SYNC) in the middle of my living room.

Share with me: What’s your favorite “take me back”/nostalgia song?


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8 responses to “Nostalgic Notes- Which Songs Take You Back?

  1. I can’t hear White Snake or Kiss without going back and lately with all the Whitney Houston stuff, I’ve been transported to junior high dances. And then there’s New Kids on the Block. Right Stuff!

    I too loved the album Jagged Little Pill, but I was married! LOL

    • New Kids on the Block!!! I was SUCH a huge fan. (Okay, I was in 5th grade, but I was the hugest fan I could be at that age.) My favorite was Jordan and my sister’s favorite was Joey. 🙂 I remember my New Kid’s t-shirt. Wow. Ha!

  2. lindsayharrel

    Yay! You must be just a little older than me, because ‘N Sync was right at the beginning of high school for me. I totally went to a concert in 8th/9th grade. Loved it!

    And I love Pocahontas: “Just around the riverbend…” All the Disney movies, in fact. I love how hearing a song again envokes those memories.

    I totally had a Jars of Clay moment when an old song came on and I sang all the words…can’t believe I still remember them all…

  3. Oh man, my college roommates and I had the entire N’Sync album choreographed. Scary, huh? I may just have to find that station on Pandora. 🙂

  4. I’m going to date myself, but I love my 70’s music. When I hear a 70’s song in the dollar store, I often start singing along. Not to worry. I don’t belt it out. I’m not thatgoofy. 🙂

  5. Older Amy Grant takes me back. I had U2’s song One as a single on a cassette. My best friend and I would listen to it over and over in the car. Most songs bring great memories, but a few are sad.

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