What’s Distracting You From Your REAL Calling?

What’s distracting you from what God’s called you to do?

This was the question asked by my pastor from the pulpit.

Easy, I thought. Everything.

Immediately my brain went into overdrive, listing all the things that distracted me from writing.

Laundry. Cleaning. The Internet. Time. Obligations. My children. TV. My husband. Life. Time. Lack of time. Church responsibilities. Friends. Life. Laundry. Cooking. Grocery shopping. Time. Twitter. My emotions. Life.

I started making mental lists of all the things that distracted me and how I could better organize my life to contain or limit these distractions.

God called me to be a writer. And life distracts me from it.

My pastor continued to talk, but it wasn’t his voice I heard in my ear. My pastor’s voice was but a murmur, while a stronger, clearer voice rang through me, piercing my heart with conviction. God spoke to me as my mind whirled, stilling my thoughts with one clear statement.

Before I called you to write, I called you to be a wife and a mother.

Did I mention conviction?

Here I was, trying to figure out what I could do to limit the things that were distracting me from writing, including better management of my family, when it’s writing that’s distracting me from them.

Writing is distracting me from my first, true calling.

God has called me to write. But before that, he called me to be wife and mom.

Priorities. Calling. Being the woman God has called me to be.

I’m passionate about my family. I’m passionate about writing. God has called me to do both, but I know what the real distractions are.

Share with me: What’s distracting you from your real calling?


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12 responses to “What’s Distracting You From Your REAL Calling?

  1. Oh, goodness, what a powerful question. It’s so hard to ask God what our calling is and not try to tell Him. Have you read Kisses from Katie? I’m about halfway through it now. Talk about having your comfortable life turned upside down!

  2. Really needed to hear this today as I’m constantly struggling with this. Thank you so much, Jennifer!

  3. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with being a single mom (school, money, etc.) that I forget to be the best mom I can. My boys just want to sit in my lap, play a game with me, and read bible stories. I need to make myself always available for those things and trust in God for the rest. Colleen – I just started that book and am really enjoying it.

  4. wendypainemiller

    Lately discouragement and quite honestly warfare…
    ~ Wendy

  5. Lindsay Harrel

    Great post. I too can get tunnel vision and forget that he’s called me first and foremost to love those around me. In a desire to focus on writing and “succeeding,” I can shut out those I love. Not good. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. You’re right. It’s hard to lose track of the priorities. I know Ryan and my son come before writing, but right now, with a deadline looming and a book releasing, I’ve had to put a lot of focus on writing-related stuff. My hubby’s picked up the slack in an amazing, amazing way.

    However, I know this is just a season in my life. There are going to be times when something is going to require a lot of time and energy. The key is working together with my family – making sure they understand this is just a season – and then really letting it ONLY be a season. Not a way of life.

    Good post, Jenny!

  7. Whoops – I mean it’s EASY to lose track of priorities!

  8. Lori Dilworth

    I think that I am the biggest distraction from my real calling. My human wants, needs, and desires get in the way of what God wants me to do. I am sure that God doesn’t want me to play my iPad games, but I do and thus I get in they way. I’m sure that if I spent more time in God’s word and in communication with Him that I would be more clear on what he wants from me. My lack of listening and my focus on myself are what stands in the way of me doing what God truly calls me to do. When I pick God over Lori then I can do what he wants me to, but when I pick Lori over God, then I fall short.

    Great things to think about (as usual) Jenny!

    • “When I pick God over Lori (Jenny) then I can do what he wants me to, but when I pick Lori (Jenny) over God, then I fall short.”

      Insert your own name there, people, because that is TRUTH. Thanks for that, Lori!!

  9. jeanniecampbell

    this was beautiful. i think i’ve sat down in the same spot at my church before. heard the same convicting words. thanks for this reminder.

  10. jillrkemerer

    Jennifer, God must have us on the same calling plan, because I’ve gotten that message a lot lately! Mine’s been a little different, though. My kids are older, and I feel as if God’s saying–“look at all you’ve accomplished–you’re raising wonderful kids. Pat yourself on the back! Yes, I called you to write, but don’t poo-poo your progress as a wife and mom.”

  11. reginajennings

    So glad you posted this. I’m finding that before I can DO I have to BE. When I don’t spend that time with God first – listening, learning and praying – then everything distracts me. I’m ineffective. It’s so hard to BE in the right place, BE in the moment and BE in His will – but when I am, then the family’s needs are met and my other callings don’t interfere.

    Thank you, sister!

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