Tell Your Face About It

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

Do you know what the word rejoice means? It means to be glad or to bring joy; to delight.

Delight. Be glad. In HOPE.

Hope is our eternal, it is our wellspring, it is our lifeline.

We have hope because of His sacrifice.

At Easter, it’s such a timely message–that of hope.

We hope toward a life eternal in the presence of The King.

But the Bible also gives us encouragement for hope in this life.

In Mark, Christ himself says that all things are possible for him who believes.

So the question is, then, do you? Do you believe?

Do you believe in God’s promises? Do you believe in his son? Do you believe in hope?

Even more, do you delight, joy, and find gladness in hope?

If you are believing and hoping and waiting on the Lord, do your heart and your face reflect it?

Is your heart full, delighting in the very promises of God? Is it filled with peace and joy, abounding in that hope? (Rom 15:13) Is it full of trust and praise? (Ps 71:14, Jer 17:7)

Have you told your face about it? Do you find smiling easy and laughter natural?

Truly delighting in hope, trusting in peace, & praising in joy should be reflected in your countenance.

Yep, this is me telling you that if you are really hoping in the Lord, you should be smiling.

So smile today because Jesus loves you and you have the promises of God to prove it. Trust and believe. Smile, laugh, and if you feel really crazy, give singing a try.




Share with me: What are you rejoicing in hope about today?


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9 responses to “Tell Your Face About It

  1. jessicarpatch

    Amen! I see too many peep whose faces do not show the hope they have. The simple fact, the Creator loves us, truly loves us ought to bring a smile to our faces.

    Good words here today, friend!

  2. wendypainemiller

    Oh I’ll smile. I’ll even through in a few belly laughs. He is risen!

  3. Casey Herringshaw

    Wonderful post and reminder this morning!

  4. Thanks, ladies! Wishing all of you a happy day!

  5. Just told my face about it. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  6. i think you might already guess that laughter and joy comes quite easily to me. in fact, maybe too easy? (is this actually a problem?) i got in trouble at a recent training for having too much “fun.” slightly embarrassing, but we were having a great time and i think the old crone was jealous she wasn’t a part of it. just sayin’…..

  7. cynthiaherron

    Hey, Jennifer…Of course, you know I loved this. 🙂 We think on the same track. Love to see smiling faces and encounter joy-filled hearts!
    Since I’m having multiple probs w/commenting, I’m trying this by logging in to my old site. Hope it works!

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