Favorites in Threes- Villains, Cheeses, and Superheroes

Just for fun I thought I’d give you a few Friday Favorites in threes. They’re in no particular order, just my top 3 favorites in each category.

Villains: A good villain can make a story perfection. Here are some of my faves.

Maleficent from Sleepy Beauty. Perfectly nasty in all the right ways.


Julian Sark from Alias (played by David Anders). A horrible, self-serving criminal all wrapped up in large doses of sarcasm and a faux-British accent. He had some of the best lines on TV and I adored him. I miss this show.


Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries (played by Ian Somerhalder). Okay, he’s not always a villain but he definitely let’s his nasty side win out from time to time. Actually, he’s sometimes the hero, but he is the dark side of the coin, the Salvatore lacking a moral compass, the ticking time-bomb. He’s a vampire, so that automatically makes him more villainous, right? Oh, who am I kidding? I just wanted to post his pic.



Cheeses: Really there’s no cheese I won’t eat. I would have been fine as a peasant, living off a bread and cheese diet.

– Smoked Gouda. Yummy.
– Swiss. On a burger with mushrooms. (My mouth is watering.)
– Provolone. I’ll put it on anything.


Superheroes: Can you tell I live in a house full of males?

Superman. I love him because my hubby loves him, and because in the next Superman movie, he’ll be played by one of my favorite actors.


Iron Man. Who doesn’t love the snarky, smart-mouthed Tony Stark? Give him a super-suit and he’s way cooler than Batman.


Captain America. I can get on board with the patriotism and even the ridiculous mythology behind his creation, especially if they keep letting Chris Evans play him in the movies.

Share with me: What are your favorites in each category? (You can just pick one category if you aren’t feeling up to narrowing down your long list of superheroes.)


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22 responses to “Favorites in Threes- Villains, Cheeses, and Superheroes

  1. Favorite villain – the Grinch because he changes by the end of the story
    Favorite cheese – havarti because it practically melts in my mouth
    Favorite superhero – Green Lantern because green is my favorite color

  2. jessicarpatch

    I too love Damon but Klaus makes a wonderful villain! And the evil queen from Once Upon a Time (which I haven’t watched in weeks) is a great villain the kind you love to hate. I love all cheeses except blue. Blech! And as far as heroes, I’m a fan of Batman and Superman!

    Fun post!

  3. wendypainemiller

    I could talk cheeses with you all day. Correction…I could EAT cheeses with you all day! Oh yum!!!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Katie Ganshert

    Cheese! String cheese! I love string cheese. Or extra, extra sharp cheddar. Yummmm….

  5. cynthiaherron

    Favorite villain…Have to give that some thought.
    Fave superhero: Wonder Woman! (Love that cape and those tights. All moms need ’em!)
    Fave cheeses: extra sharp cheddar, Colby Jack, smoked Swiss. I’m a cheese gal, too.

    • I’m another extra sharp cheddar fan, the sharper the better.
      I’m going for Superman as my favorite hero, and while the one in your post is hotter than hot (fanning myself), I’m older than you are and gave my heart to Christopher Reeve back in the day. =)
      I’m having a hard time coming up with a favorite villain. Perhaps Moriarity because he keeps Sherlock Holmes on his toes.

      • Oops! I didn’t mean to hitchhike on your comment, Cynthia, but since you like sharp cheddar, too, I’m guessing you won’t mind. 🙂

      • His name is Henry Cavill (he’s been my favorite actor for ages) and he’ll be Superman in the next movie. He’s a British actor–that accent makes me swoon, so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about watching a movie with him sans accent. Hmmmm.

  6. Sharp cheddar….yes! And the sharper the better!

  7. Lori Dilworth

    Villains – Cinderella’s Stepmother Lady Tremaine (she is evil in a sneaky way and I want to punch her a little), Captain Hook (I’m not as big a fan of his Disney version, but Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have a fabulous version of him in Peter and the Starcathers, fabulous series), Rodmilla de Ghent (I LOVE EVER AFTER!!!)
    Cheese – Kraft Singles (they remind me of my favorite childhood sandwiches and they melt so well), Mozzarella (I love Italian foods that contain lots of cheese so it’s either Mozzarella or parmesan), Cream (sweet or savory this is a fabulous cheese!)
    Superheros – Batman (reminds me of my husband – he was going to be batman when he grew up), Superman (look at my facebook pictures – my Superman is heart stopping), Iron Man (my first superhero movie I saw with my husband – memories!) Theme much????

  8. Lisa Williams

    Jafar and Tony Soprano. I don’t particularly care for cheese most days. And I can’t hardly name 3 superheroes. But this was an interesting read nonetheless. 😉

  9. juliejarnagin

    Swiss cheese, goat cheese, feta cheese. Yum.

  10. jeanniecampbell

    Hel-lo DAMON!!! that’s a smokin’ hot photo, btw.

    have i told you that i love your randomness? who puts cheese in the same breath as villains and superheroes? my fav cheese is extra sharp cheddar. goes with apples, pretzels, grapes, ham…just a yummy snack. but i loved smoked cheddar, too.

  11. It’s always odd to say “favorite” villain. But I have to go with Hans Gruber in the original Die Hard movie. Coming in second would be Thomas Gabriel, in Live Free or Die Hard. They got them some nasty villains in the Die Hard movies.
    Favorite hero? Wow. I like Iron Man … How about The Scarlet Pimpernel in the PBS series>
    Cheese: easy answer. Swiss.

  12. reginajennings

    Favorite villain – I hate to step out here since it’s been AGES since I saw the movie, but I remember siding with Cal (Billy Zane) on Titanic. He seemed like such a better catch than that scrawny poor boy.
    Hero – going with super-heroes I’d have to say Thor as played by Chris Hemsworth.
    Cheese – Everything. Especially mozzarella, and smoked Hickory farms stuff.

  13. pattisj

    I know more about super heroes than I ever imagined. Having raised a daughter, having a son-in-law and grandson have opened my eyes to whole new worlds. Oh, I do love cheese, though.

  14. heatherdaygilbert

    Oooh, I had a post similar to this a while back, on villains in books. Is Scarlett O’Hara a villain? Kind of, but kind of not. Hilly Holbrooke in The Help definitely is!

    And TV villains? I used to love watching Murdoc on MacGyver (yes, it dates me!). Cool British accent? Check. Witty lines (more witty than the hero’s)? Check. Handsome? Well, not so much.

    I’ve always loved Spiderman as a super-hero, b/c he’s kind of geeky and normal. I’m with Regina, above, in that I like to WATCH Thor, though he might not have awesome lines. Wonder Woman in the old TV series was a great heroine.

    And CHEESE!? Don’t get me started! I could live on bread, cheese and strawberries! Right now, I’m into asiago on sandwiches. But feta, swiss, sharp cheddar…bring it on!

    Love the post!

  15. jennifermajor

    Best cheese? Smoke gouda, Brie, Camembert or Havarti.
    Favourite Superhero? Aragorn. He has a cape! Does anyone have a fan? Maybe some ice?
    Best villian? Rodmilla de Ghent was good. Magua in Last of the Mohicans sent chills down my spine. I like bad boys. Really, the ice? Whereis it?

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