One Word to Sing

We’re going through a change at my church. Once again, we’re one man down on our pastoral team, and this time it’s the minister of music.

If you’ve been a member of any sort of church, you know how vital a music minister is.

So in this downtime, we’re adapting. One of the things that’s been done for the month of April is calling in local worship leaders Jonathan and Lisa Moore.

To have people so powerfully talented in our town is a HUGE blessing. They lead P&W all over the country as a ministry, and they happened to be available to fill in at our church for a month.

What.a.blessing. Did I mention?

My primary form of worship is through music. It moves me. It touches me. It brings me into the presence of our Lord like no other.

Here’s a taste of what Jonathan and Lisa can do from their album, Roots.

Sunday morning Jonathan and Lisa led us in a simple, slow, melodic song with the following lyrics:

A Wonderful God, A Wonderful God Is He
A Powerful God, A Powerful God Is He
A Marvelous God, A Marvelous God is He

Then Jonathan turned to the congregation and encouraged us to shout out the attributes of God. For each one that he heard, we sang as a church.

Hands lifted. Eyes closed. And in my case, tears flowed.






The moment was beautiful and personal, yet as we joined in corporate worship, the spirit moved in me and others. God was inhabiting the praises of His people as we listed all the adjectives that describe Him.

Share with me: If you could only sing one word to God in praise to Him today, what word would you choose?


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14 responses to “One Word to Sing

  1. Christina Lessman


  2. Love that. Love, love, love the power of worshiping through music.

    The one word that comes to mind for me this morning….Redeemer.

  3. I would choose the word Gracious.
    What a wonderful way to begin the week, setting my mind on the attributes of God.

  4. Ah, I love to worship through music too. I have the privilege of helping to lead worship at my church, and yesterday we just sang the most powerful words: “When only love could make a way, you gave your life in a beautiful exchange.”

    So, my word would be “Giver.” Because He gives good gifts to His children. So undeserved. But good all the same.

    • Lindsay, I help lead worship at my church too, so I rarely just get to sit in the congregation and participate with them. Since we have these guest praise and worship leaders, I get to do just that. While I love worshiping on the stage, it’s cool to just be part of the crowd, too.
      Great word choice!

  5. I love this post!

    And I don’t even know why this is the first word that popped into my head, but today I’d choose: Counselor. Maybe because it’s Monday and I’m starting out the week a bit overwhelmed and mega in need of a counselor. Hehehe…

    But in all seriousness, I love that God really is our Counselor…always there to listen, lead and guide.

  6. jeanniecampbell

    compassionate. he cries with us. how amazing is that?

  7. Onya Galloway

    Jenny, this blog is awesome and speaks directly to my heart. I am the President of the choir at my church and I participate in musicals in the community because I love to sing. My one word to sing is SAVIOR!

  8. Amy Leigh Simpson

    Love this! And like you I am almost always moved to tears when I surrender during worship. I’m going to go with a simple one… Loving. His love started it all! 🙂

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