I Was Going to Blog Today, But…

I am sick. (No sympathy, please. I’ll live.)

It’s one of those nasty summer colds that is trying to punch me in the face kinda sick.

But I’m punching back.

I had a great blog post planned that would make my writer friend salivate, but I was feeling much too yucky yesterday to get it done.

I should be much better about getting my posts together far ahead of time, but I’m a MAJOR procrastinator. I work so much better under pressure, so I’m notorious for starting a project ahead of time but leaving the details until the last minute.

Or in this case, blog posts.

I have dreams of blogging weeks in advance.

Pipe dreams.

And in this moment, I have dreams of lots and lots of cold medicine. 🙂

Share with me: Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done with time to spare?


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9 responses to “I Was Going to Blog Today, But…

  1. wendypainemiller

    I always think I’m going to cut it close, but I’m ususally a time to spare person. Anxious. God’s working on me. Chug chug w/ the medicine. Praying it words for you.
    ~ Wendy

  2. I hope you feel better! I’m not usually a procrastinator, but I did write my blog post for today yesterday…

  3. bethkvogt

    Meaning: I both work ahead. Sometimes.
    And I procrastinate. Sometimes.

  4. I’m a PROCRASTINATOR with a capital P! :p Feel better soon.

  5. Codeine can be your friend. I’m #justsayin. I’m definitely a procrastinator, except when I’m not.

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