Bright Side Blog Bash– Day 3!!

Welcome to the Blog Bash Day 3!! Today is All About Women Wednesday.

But let’s cover the fun stuff first– yesterday’s winner! The winner of the 4 pack historical novels set is: Marissa E.!!

Congratulations and contact me asap with your shipping address!

So, here’s today’s Prize Pack!

Today’s prize pack includes ALL of the following:

2 books– Mama Needs a Time Out by Heather Riggleman and It’s Just You and Me, Lord by Marion Stroud

Plus, Jennifer’s Favorite Things!

  • A black and white paisley zippered pouch from 31 Gifts (I love 31 gifts. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a company that does super cute pouches, bags, carriers, totes, etc., and the company is based on the idea of the Proverbs 31 woman. Want to check out some of their products? Here’s my consultant: )
  • A pretty flower magnetized reminder list to help keep you organized (I constantly make lists and have to keep myself organized)
  • I Will Sing to the Lord bookmark (I’m a singer- I’m active in my music department at church and I sing ALL the time. I love this reminder of singing to the Lord. And you can use it with your new books!)
  • Liquid Lip Color in shade Malted from Mary Kay (this shade looks good on all skin tones and is perfect for fall. Mix it with other colors for a rich look!)
  • Sparkly nail polish (because sometimes it’s just fun to have sparkly toes.)
  • Renewed Spirit hand sanitizer in Rose (it has a cute Bible verse on the front of it and is perfect for your purse!)
  • Dove Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (a whole bag. Just because I love you. Seriously–  these are De-lish.)
  • RitterSport Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts bar (I LOVE these.)
  • CD of Music Inspired by The Story (this music moves me. Each song is from the perspective of a different Bible character and I love, love, love, love, love this album.)

Enter to win by answering the question from the vlog in the comments below. Good luck! Winner announced tomorrow!


Writers– don’t forget to enter your blurb!

Enter every day this week for a chance to win Friday’s grand prize!

Check back tomorrow for today’s winner!


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15 responses to “Bright Side Blog Bash– Day 3!!

  1. Lori Dilworth

    The woman in my life that I most admire will remain nameless on here. She is a wonderfully well rounded person. By that I mean she takes time out for her friends, her family, her students, herself. She is able to say no or not right now. This is a skill that I don’t currently have and I end up at my office for 14 hours trying to please everyone I work with/for. This person is also giving and accepting. She seems to know when I need a friend to talk to. She is excited to see me and hugs me when I’m down and calls me “sister” to make sure I know I am important. She knows my scars and loves me anyway. This person is a wonderful example of a Woman of Faith and a Woman of God and I am so lucky that she has allowed me to call her friend.

  2. Mary Preston

    My Mother came immediately to my mind. She is the rock and the glue for our family – and there are a lot of us. A strong, intelligent woman who loves unconditionally and is always there for anyone who may need some help, whatever that may be. I’m smiling as I type, because I am going up to visit my parents next month. Always a joy.

  3. I’d say my Mom. She started married life at 18,and was a poverty stricken divorced mother of 3 by 22. Through it all, she was tough as nails and never gave up. God has blessed her, and us 3 kiddos, with a wonderful man who loves her and us. He IS my daddy. Blood line or not. He is MY daddy. From living in a cockroach infested tenement when I was little, to now living at the quiet end of a golf course now, God has carried her through. She lost her hearing as a child , but God let someone invent cochlear implants and now we TALK AND TALK!!! Next June, she is treating me to a Mediterranean cruise. I’d be satisfied with tea and cookies.

    We are going to Rome!!! I bet they have cookies there too.

  4. Becky Doughty

    A woman in my life that I admire: There are many in my life but I have to say my mother tops the list. I can’t even begin to count the ways she’s awesome, but one thing I can say about her is that she’s an overcomer. She has this quiet strength that has equal parts gentility and determination and grace and servanthood. We’re very different in our personalities and dreams so it wouldn’t be accurate to say that I want to be just like her, but she has been such a great model of how a godly woman lives and I just want to continue LEARNING from her.

  5. A woman that I totally admire….well, gosh, there are lots. But I think I’m gonna have to say my mom, because she has been through a lot in her life, and even if we argue sometimes, she’s still there for me. She has raised all of us five kids, has homeschooled, and has always been there when I need her the most. She continues to love me even if I have one of those crummy, angsty teenage days. And that means a lot. So, I admire her for the love that she has for me and all my siblings. 😀

  6. Hi, there- I’m submitting my blurb and other info because I would love to win any of the prizes you are offering for writers. Here is my blurb: Lauren Carter’s perfect world is coming apart. Unemployed, rejected from physician’s assistant school and her engagement hanging by a thread, she returns home to Emerald Cove, Alaska. As her grandmother battles dementia and the family’s historic bed and breakfast flounders, Lauren appoints herself the rescuer.

    Lauren’s unexpected reappearance in Blake Tully’s life reignites old feelings. Although she broke his heart once, he longs to give his childhood sweetheart a second chance. When a shameful secret from Lauren’s past is revealed, Blake’s trust is shattered.

    Will Lauren run from the people that love her the most and allow guilt and shame to destroy her? Or can she finally accept grace and forgiveness and embrace a future filled with hope?
    My genre is contemporary romance, I’m guessing my finished manuscript will be about 50,000 words, although I have written 28,000 at this point.
    Thank you.

  7. As a young pastors wife in our 2nd church there were two Mrs. Winters….YOUNG Mrs. Winters who was 65 and OLD Mrs. Winters who was 94. Old Mrs. Winters was a prayer warrior with spunk! If she couldn’t make it to church she would call everyone to encourage them to be there even if she couldn’t. Her grandaughter had married an African American & when they would come to visit – the church was told to treat them with respect because they were God’s children (back in the day of racial issues). One Wednesday night she made the comment that her friends already in heaven were probably wondering where she went? One weekend she rearranged her room, that night she went to the restroom, then went back to where she THOUGHT her bed was (it wasn’t), fell and broke her hip, finally going to meet her Lord. She is still my inspiration on how to love, pray, and treat others!

  8. Jennifer, I’m so sorry that you’ve struggled with morning sickness! That’s completely blah, so I’ll be praying for it to go away.
    The woman I most admire is actually more than one – it’s my three sisters! My older sister has overcome very difficult obstacles in her life and now serves as an RN working with the mentally challenged in an Equine/Patient facility, where they teach the patients how to take care of and ride horses as part of their therapy. My sister right under me is a single mom and doing an incredible job with an exceptionally bright son, working full time, and taking care of their lives. My youngest sister is also an RN and serves as a Pediatric Supervisor in the home health care field for seriously ill children living at home. I could not be more blessed by each of my incredible sisters and our relationship is so very important to all 4 of us. We enjoy rare “sister” weekends where just the 4 of us go out of town to catch up on life. We always come back wishing it could have been longer. I love them dearly and they are my best friends. 🙂

  9. Ganise

    Hi Jennifer!
    Glad to have discovered your blog! I read a bit about you on your website and I know that I like you already. 🙂

    Thank you for this prize and MANY CONGRATS on your third child! Always love hearing about that. And I’m saying one for your morning sickness and a safe delivery.

    Thanks for this video. It’s something that I struggle with too. Always asking myself if I am doing enough, but it’s good to know that He is enough, instead.

    The woman I admire is
    – Strong
    – Godly
    – Loving and Faithful
    – SO sweet!

    That woman gave birth to me! I love her so much.

    Thanks for this giveaway! Blessings!

  10. Is it self absorbed to click on the comments and bask in the love…then realize I’m the wrong Jennifer?

  11. Pam K.

    The woman I admire most is my mom. I’ve watched her as she went through breast cancer almost 30 years ago, life’s usual ups and downs, and most recently, a hip replacement and knee replacement. She maintains her calm, positive spirit, not complaining about her circumstances. She has a strong faith that helps carry her through all the tough times.

  12. Marissa E.

    The woman I admire is a youth intern at my church. She is such a Godly example to all of the girls(including me) in my youth group. She has encouraged me and shown me the love of Christ.

  13. You know who I admire here recently? Another mom at church. She always has it So Together. She juggles six kids so much better than I can juggle my one! I watch her as she interacts with her family and other children and she is such a model of Christian love. I strive to be as patient as she is – here patience is astounding! Know what? I think I will let her know how God is using her to be such a model for myself/my life!

  14. Jennifer, so sorry about the sickness for you AND your family! Hopefully all of it will go away soon.

    And yes, I’m lurking about here so I’ll brighten up about not being at ACFW either…

    I admire lots of women, my mom, my MIL, my great-aunt…but my Grandma was the one who made me pray I’d get a double-portion of her spirit when she died. She was a prayer warrior, and without her prayers, I’d probably never have come to the place where I recognized my (now-husband’s) love for me. She must’ve seen it early on, b/c she was praying I’d not forget about that “red-haired boy” who liked me so much in college. I know her prayers put hedges around us and even kept her church together. She’s all the inspiration I need to really PRAY for people when I say I’ll pray. I want to see those results trickling down through my kids’ generations.

    Oh, and I named my daughter after my Grandma!

    Great question! And I reeeeeally hope I win. I’m totally out of chocolate!

  15. You do such a great job with the vlogs! I’m so enjoying seeing and hearing you! – Olivia

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