I Want Your Photo!! (Of Your Tree, That Is)

This is our tree. It’s a fake one (I prefer real, but fake saves us money at the holidays), it’s got colored lights, and each ornament is a special memory.

I love Christmas trees.

I love their lights and ornaments. I love the ones that are decorated in themes, and the ones covered in homemade ornaments. I love colored lights and white lights. I love how looking at a Christmas tree is like looking at a memory.

Friends, I’ve come up with a fun little activity that I’d love for you to participate in this holiday season!

I want to collect photos of Christmas trees from all over the world– and I want YOURS!

I’ve created a “Christmas Trees From Around the World” board on Pinterest and I want to add your tree to my collection!

Please send me a photo of your Christmas tree and make sure to include your name and location.

You can email me the photo (jenniferkhale (at) gmail (dot) com), you can upload it to Facebook and tag me, or you can add it directly to Pinterest and let me know and I’ll pin it!

**Please include whether or not you’ll allow me to list your name and location with the photo. Otherwise, I’ll just list the location when I pin it.

Make sure you are following me on Pinterest so that you can see the collection of trees as it grows throughout the holiday season! (Click the button to the right of this post to follow, or find me on Pinterest.)

I hope you’ll participate and I hope you’ll pass this post along so that many, many, many people will share photos of their trees with me!

Thanks, all!

Share with me: Do you prefer white or colored lights on a Christmas tree? Do you like themed ornaments that match or a mismatched collection?


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4 responses to “I Want Your Photo!! (Of Your Tree, That Is)

  1. Fun idea! I’m not on pinterest but I can send you a pic via email regardless if you want. 🙂

    I think white lights are super classy. I decorate using my mom’s ornaments as a way to remember her at the holidays. She had such pretty taste.

  2. Lori

    I prefer white lights on a Christmas tree and due to allergies to trees must have a fake tree or I won’t be able to breathe during the holidays. I have very few ornaments, those that I do have mean a lot to me. Since there are not yet children at my house and we help decorate all the trees at the church, my husband and I do not “deck the halls” at the house at all. While some find this troubling, I am okay with it. I used to live across the parking lot to the church and would go turn the tree on when I needed a fix, now that I am further from our new church, I will not have that ability this year, but I’ll survive. One day I will share my tree with you as I have been promised that once we have kids my husband will decorate with me! The one year we did decorate a tree, our first Christmas, it had candy canes on it only.

  3. Marie Durham

    I have an artificial pre-lit tree with white lights. I love the elegance of white lights but love the personality of trees with colored lights. While uniform trees with matchy matchy balls are beautiful- I definitely prefer trees with a random collection of ornaments. I have so many memories and sentiment attached to my random collection. For instance- I have a my first home ornament, a Christmas mouse made from a walnut in the second grade, a growing collection of miniature sock monkeys, and a bobble head Michael Scott that says “that’s what she said” just to name a few. I love the memories and stories attached to each ornament as I decorate the tree. My favorite addition this year is a Home Depot apron. My boyfriend has taken on a ton of projects at my house this year which has equaled to more trips there than even the grocery store- well I may exaggerate just a little- but we go there a lot. The apron was a gift card holder. I bought a gift card just to get the apron.
    Thanks for asking – love the idea!

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