New To You- A February Giveaway!

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I love books. Like you didn’t know that, right?

Well, I do. I love reading, I love stories, and I love creating my own stories.

I especially love telling people about a book when I discover a gem.

I saw this photo on Pinterest and I thought, now there’s a cool idea.

UK Book exchange

In some areas of the UK they’ve turned the iconic red phone booths into book stands– take a book, leave a book. It’s all about sharing words and ideas. I really, really love this!

I love to collect books, too. I have books on my shelves that I have had since I was in high school– years worth of books that have inspired me.

But as I was looking over my collection the other day, I realized that I have plenty of books that I don’t need to keep. They are all wonderful, and for that reason, I want to share them!

So I’ve decided that once a month I’m going to offer a “New to You” Giveaway on the blog!

That’s right, I’m giving away books from my personal collection. Not all my books, mind you, but one a month that I want to share with the world.

Not all of these books are new releases. Most of them are several years old, which means you might not have read them. You might have missed some of these amazing authors.

So, don’t miss out on your chance to win a book absolutely FREE!

This month’s book is by one of the authors who really pulled me into reading Christian fiction many, many years ago.

For February 2013, I’m giving away a copy of Bamboo & Lace by Lori Wick!

Bamboo & Lace Lori Wick

About the book:

Can their love survive two very different cultures?

Lily Walsh has never imagined anything like America. From supermarkets and swimsuits to the way women look men directly in the eye, she’s baffled by this strange new land. Raised in a remote Asian village by her disciplinarian father, 24-year-old Lily is thrilled to visit her brother Jeff in Hawaii–until Jeff is called away on urgent business.

Left in the care of Jeff’s best friend, Gabe Kapaia, and his family, Lily discovers the paradise of Oahu’s north side at the Kapaia Resort. But she walks a fine line between two worlds. Can she embrace her new experiences without breaking her promise not to shame her missionary father? When Lily finds herself falling for Gabe, her heart is torn. Will her upbringing force her to make the difficult choice between true love and family honor?

Book Giveaway How to Win

Contest rules

The winner will be announced on Thursday, February 14th!


Share with me: Where is your favorite spot to read and what’s your favorite reading treat or snack?

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6 responses to “New To You- A February Giveaway!

  1. deb parmer

    Jenny, I’m in! As you know,I am a lover of literature too and have been since a child. Reading is one of my most favorite things to do. Love to get lost in a good book! 🙂

    • Molly Frederick

      I love to read in my rocking chair and enjoy sipping on an orange drink!!! I would love to win this book!!! Thank you so much for the chance!!!!

  2. I loved this book! Annnnnnnnnnd I live just slightly north of the border. 😉

  3. Abbigail B.

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, but because of your giveaway, I’m going all out now. 😉
    My favorite reading spot…well, typically under the covers, but when the weather is just perfect, there is a tree in my backyard that I have a high perch in. I’ll take my book up there and read, while my dog runs around the yard and occasionally jumps into the tree to check on me. (Yes, my dog climbs trees.) As for a reading snack, I rarely eat anything while reading a book. I can’t stand the thought of marking or destroying a page.
    Now to go subscribe and like your Facebook page!

  4. Lori D

    What a delightful idea, Jenny! I share my audio collection with my family and friends at the office. I am so inspired to comb my own book shelf and pass my treasures on to others!

  5. karenk

    thanks for the chance to read this wonderful story…i’m a follower, too.

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