Surviving the Sick Season


When the germs come a callin’, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. 🙂

I love the comic above. I cut it out of a newspaper about 17 years ago (yeah, no joke) and it’s been on my bulletin board above my desk in all the places I’ve lived since.

I don’t know what it’s been like at your house this winter, but I can say with certainty that this is the sickest season the Hale household has ever seen.

Since the first of the year, we haven’t gone a single week with out one of us having something– the stomach bug, head colds all around, the flu, mystery fevers, pneumonia…

tissue_boxI’m sick and tired of everyone being sick and tired. I’m ready for sunshine, spring, and wellness!

And now I’m beginning to worry that people think my house is a cesspool of disease, but I promise folks, we’ve gone through more than our share of disinfectant, detergent, and new toothbrushes! Oh, and we’re all on vitamins and have been since before this sick season started.

And yet the germs seem to find a way in…

Some of our “home remedies”:

  • When the boys get sick, they love to make a “special bed” on the couch and watch movies.
  • Chicken soup. Of course.
  • Chocolate. (That one is for me.)
  • Rest. Mandatory naps for everyone.
  • Hot tea with lemon and honey.
  • For a stomach bug, the BRAT diet– bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.

I want to hope and pray that we’re now on the mend (we’re into the second week of my husband having a pretty bad case of pneumonia that appeared to come out of nowhere), but I’ll give it another couple of weeks before I declare our house disease free.

Share with me: What are your favorite home remedies for the sick people in your family?

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