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What Really Counts

This photo is appropriately titled October Morning.

Stress is a constant part of life.

It’s a daily struggle just to overcome it.

Our problems drag us down, create weight we can’t shake, and affect our moods and attitudes toward others.

But once in a while, God sends a simple reminder that our problems, no matter how serious they seem, are nothing.

Like the tweet that I read asking for prayer for a family whose child had gone to be with Jesus.

And suddenly the mess in my house, bills to pay, my busy schedule, my aching muscles and tired eyes were all put into perspective.

While I’m busy complaining about menial things, someone is grieving for their child.

Suddenly I’m ashamed of my stress; of the fact that I let anything in my life compare with those who are truly suffering.

The moral of this story is simple–be aware of what really counts.

Share with me: What are you thankful for today?


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