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It’s D-Day!!

Well, almost. D-Day being “delivery day”, of course.


But it is getting very, very close to time for us to meet our newest Little Super-Hale.

As I write this post, there are 11 days until my due date, and I’m hoping (and praying) that he’ll come before that.

Let’s just say that I’ve reached that milestone of pregnancy weariness that is only cured by delivering and holding this precious baby.

I’m going on “maternity leave” from the blog for about a month or so, but don’t worry, lovely readers, I have some fabulous guest posts lined up for that time.

You won’t want to miss posts from some of my favorite authors, friends, and generally wonderful people! Their posts are going to challenge you, uplift you, make you laugh, and hopefully help you discover some of their writing as well.

If you want to keep up with updates about the baby (and perhaps a photo or two after he has arrived), make sure you are following my author page on Facebook. (Click on the link to the right side of the blog). I can’t wait to notify you that he’s here and our family is complete!

Oh, how God is blessing!

I hope and pray he’s doing the same for you.

When next you hear from me I’ll be the mother of THREE boys. Prayers for my sanity are appreciated. 🙂

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