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Should Christians be Concerned with Politics?

Should Christians be concerned with politics?

In a word: YES.

I’ve read many posts lately, most from well-respected bloggers (many of the mommy kind), who have written that we, as Christians in America, shouldn’t concern ourselves with the political climate of our nation or bother being involved in politics.

I couldn’t disagree with this view more.

Why have these posts encouraged a lack of political participation among the God-fearing, Born-Again?

The reasons are many, but most boil down to one idea: We are not meant for this world.

Well, that I agree with. We aren’t meant for this world. As born-again believers in Jesus Christ, we are meant for a Heavenly Kingdom that will one day come– a kingdom where our only ruler will be the perfect Christ who sacrificed himself for us.

And like the many who look forward to that day, I do, too. But until then, we live here, in the imperfect world in need of Christ.

These writers would have us think that as Christians, since we are bound by a Heavenly King, we need not participate in earthly politics or concern ourselves with anything but showing the love of Christ.

I only partially agree.

I am 100% on the bandwagon with showing the love of Christ all the time, to all people, no matter what. 

BUT…the Heavenly Kingdom has not come–yet. And while we are living on this earth, we are subjected to the authorities which God has put in place over us (Romans 13:1-7). 

Thank God that we live in a nation where we have some say in that authority.

Politics in America can be ugly. It can be disheartening. It can be frustrating. There is no perfect candidate.

But we live in a nation where we do have a say, and therefore, it is our right and our responsibility to exercise that say.

The Bible clearly states that our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20) and that we should obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29). But wouldn’t it be nice if we could change our political climate and elect men who also serve the God of Heaven?

It’s not an impossible idea.

You can’t legislate morality.

This is another excuse I often hear when people have given up on politics in America.

And yet, God did legislate morality. Just look at the 10 Commandments. If we make the argument that we cannot, at all, create laws based on an innate sense of right and wrong, then we might as well throw out laws that stop people from murdering, stealing, and raping, just to name a few. Anarchy seems to be the only solution for those who think we can’t legislate morality.

Abortion and homosexuality are not the only moral issues in America. We can legislate morality, and we do.

Even among Christians, there is much disagreement over political matters.

But that doesn’t mean we should shut down and simply not participate. On the contrary, as Christian Americans we should be active in our government at all levels, protecting the freedoms that allow us to worship freely, spread the Word, and help others who very much need the love of Christ.

If we bury our heads in the sand and ignore the political climate around us, we may come up to find that we’ve lost the very rights we take for granted.

So pray that God will convict your heart about which candidates and which legislation you should vote for.

Keep in mind that no man is perfect– only Christ is– but over and over and over and over God has used imperfect men to do his bidding. You  only need open the Bible and scan to discover this truth.

Exercise your right and privilege as an American and vote on election day.

It’s important. There’s plenty of God’s work being done when you cast your vote.

***Election day is November 6th!

Share with me: Who was running for President in the first election you participated in?




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