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My Favorite Month of the Year is Blue

My Favorite Month is Blue-- October Sky

October is my favorite month of the year.

I don’t have a birthday in October, no one in my family does, actually, and I don’t love Halloween (although I do think it’s fun). I don’t adore pumpkins and colored leaves, while beautiful, aren’t my favorite thing in the world.

No, October is my favorite month for one reason and one reason only—the sky.

Here in Georgia, a clear, October sky is so brilliantly blue that sometimes when I see it, I’m breathless.

The color is so vibrant, so clean, so perfect—it’s the closest I can imagine to what Heaven will look like. How the colors there will be luminous, radiating Christ’s vivid flawlessness.

It’s beautiful. It’s stunning. The blue of the October sky is the perfect, most unblemished color.

Sunrises look better against it and sunsets are more brilliant. Clouds dare not mar its excellence.

Something about an October sky is crisp. Cool. Flawless.

It makes me want to sing of God’s brilliance and creativity, thankful for the millions of hues that decorate our world.

Share with me:What is your favorite month of the year and why?




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Heaven’s Warmth

Heaven. Such an amazing place, such a welcoming place–the place of perfection. Home.

The place where I’ll see my savior face to face.

Wow. (Deep breath.) When I think about that–that moment when I’ll see Jesus in all his glory, when he calls me by name and welcomes me into his kingdom…well, it’s overwhelming.

Because I’m so not worthy.

And it’s only by his grace and gift of redemption that I’ll be able to get to heaven at all.

And I am so grateful.

I don’t want to go to heaven any time soon. I don’t think anyone does. But when I think about what it’s going to be like–that moment when I meet Jesus, I imagine warmth.

Like a fuzzy blanket on a cool morning. Like towels fresh from the dryer. Like hot chocolate on a freezing day.  Like the sun on your face.

The radiance of God will warm me, through the eternal son.

We sang this song at church recently, and it’s one of those that made me think of that moment when I’ll meet my savior.

What A Day That Will Be

My grandaddy passed away last February, and he was a huge fan of the Gaither Vocal Band and traditional hymns. When I hear this song, it makes me think of him, and of the moment when he surely felt the warmth of Jesus Christ’s arms wrapped around him. 
I look forward to seeing my Granddaddy again, too, and feeling the warmth of one of his strong bear-hugs.

Share with me: When you imagine meeting Jesus face to face, what comes to mind?


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