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Relaxing My Way Through Kindergarten

My firstborn is starting Kindergarten.

That sentence alone should tell you exactly what my emotional state is like right now.

I keep thinking to myself, “Thirteen years. That’s all we’ve got left. Thirteen short, precious years.”

Maybe that’s melodramatic, but I don’t care. See, I’m one of these moms that enjoys being with my children. I enjoy their presence, the routine, the activities, the daily grind, and the very blessing that I have in being a stay-at-home mom.

When I first began my career as a teacher, I wanted it to be just that– a career. I had no plans to take any breaks from teaching, and I wanted to hit that 30 year mark to retirement exactly 30 years after I began.

But life happened. Children happened. And I suddenly realized that I didn’t want my children in daycare and that the Lord was leading me in a whole new direction. And stay-at-home Mom I became.

And now that it’s my baby starting school, I am all mixed with sadness, excitement, anticipation and nerves. He’s cool and calm– I’m biting my nails to the quick.

Will he like school? Will he excel? Will his teacher have the kindness, patience, and goodness of heart to deal with his train obsession? Will he make friends? Will he enjoy the next thirteen years?

I’m working through the devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it. A recent devotion started off with RELAX.

Okay, so God was speaking to me.  It went on to say, “When you walk through the day with childlike delight, savoring every blessing, you proclaim your trust in me.”

This sentence made me think of my son and his happy-go-lucky personality. He’s going to be great in Kindergarten. It’s me who needs to relax.

I’m hearing ya, God, and I’m trusting. But do me a favor– slow down the next thirteen years a little. And I promise to try very hard not to cry (a lot) when I walk Big Man into his classroom the first day.

Share with Me:
What was kindergarten like for you? Do you remember your teacher’s name? Did you go all day, 5 days a week? When your children started school, how did it affect you emotionally? Do you remember your mother’s emotions when you started school?


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