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A Foot-in-the-Ribs Perspective Change


Last week I was giant-pregnant miserable. Like, I-don’t-think-I-can-make-it-even-one-more-day kind of miserable.

The past four days have kicked me hard in the face with a head cold from Hades, including a little episode of blacking out.

Suddenly, I’m not so miserably pregnant anymore.

Because of the cold I haven’t even given the pregnancy misery a second thought.

In fact, I’ve been delighting in each and every movement of this baby, even a foot in the ribs every five seconds, taking joy in the fact that he’s protected from germs and the evil world by my body, which is perfectly designed by God to do just what it’s doing.

My immune system is protecting the baby. Sure, that leaves me with the possibility of picking up every germ from here to kingdom come, but I’d rather be the sick one. I love knowing that this little baby is perfectly protected, healthy, and strong. (Rib kicking strong!)

I’m not so miserably pregnant anymore.

Funny how perspective can shift so quickly.

Share with me: Name one thing that you are thankful for this week that you hadn’t considered or thought about last week.

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