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Asking for Prayer for Rachael

This is Rachael.

Rachael is twelve years old and is a member of my church. Her parents, John and Christin, are in my Sunday school department, and her little sister, Sarah, is in my oldest son’s Sunday school class.

Rachael has cancer.

A few very short months ago Rachael was a normal young lady and a star soccer player.

Now she’s had multiple surgeries, one round of chemo, and is facing several more.

Rachael is fighting– fighting like a girl.

Rachael and her sister, Sarah.

This past week, Rachael had surgery to remove one of the tumors in her lower back. It’s been causing her excruciating pain. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to remove the tumor. When they got in, they realize that the tumor is quite large and has attached itself to many of her organs.

The hope is that chemo will shrink the tumor. The hope is that soon, Rachael will be back on the soccer field, worrying only about the things other twelve year-old girls worry about.

I’m asking for your prayers.

I’m asking that you pray for healing for Rachael.

I’m asking that you pray for guidance and wisdom for her doctors.

I’m asking that you pray for peace, faith, and strength for her parents.

Clinging to the promise that God is the ultimate healer!

Share with me: Have you known anyone who has had a child go through cancer treatment? Do you have any tips on how to help the parents and the family, other than meals, etc? Any thoughtful insights we can use?


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