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I Thought Everybody Had One– Do You?

I have opinions. Lots of them.

I’m what you’d call an opinionated person. It’s rare to find me without at least an inkling of what my opinion is on any given topic, although I try to keep them to myself unless asked. (Unless it’s on my blog, which is, well, my blog, so I’ll write what I want.) 🙂

I wish more people were opinionated.

Do you think I’m crazy?

Perhaps you do because you think the people in your life, maybe even you, are too opinionated and should keep their opinions to themselves.

Let me rephrase– I wish more people had opinions on issues that matter.

We’re quick to share our opinions about TV, movies, music, books, clothes, etc., but in this politically correct world in which we find ourselves, more and more people are going “opinionless” about issues that are socially, politically, and economically relevant.

On a regular basis I find it easy to converse with people about trivial issues, but when it comes to meatier topics, I find that many, many people have a distinct LACK of opinion.


A lack of opinion makes us sheep. It makes us followers, willing to go along with those we consider to be “wiser” and “in the know.” Most of the time people who claim to “know” really don’t.

So you need to know for yourself. You need to have an opinion. An educated opinion.

The opinionless epidemic stems from two things–

1. The fear of being judged or discriminated against because the opinion isn’t “politically correct” or mainstream. (I.r.o.n.y.)

2. Lack of information and education.

How can you better educate yourself on issues of politics, religion, economics, and social movements? Watch the news, even for just a few minutes a day. Read a few news articles online (go to google and click “news.”) Take the time to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world and why.

Make it a priority so that you’ll have an opinion when it’s time. Election Day, for example.

How can we end the fear of voicing minority opinions? Well, for one, we can practice what we preach about blanket acceptance and actually apply it to all, instead of screaming that we need it and then choosing which groups can have it. And we’ll have to be brave enough to stand up for what we believe in.

There will never be a time in this country that we’ll all get along socially, politically, and religiously (not before Jesus comes back, anyway). There will never be a time when we’ll all get along, so it’s no use arguing your opinion to change someone else’s mind, but it’s certainly wise, prudent, and civically responsible to have educated opinions of your own.

There will be a time when you will need to stand up and give your opinion, even if it’s just through a vote, so make sure you have one.

Share with me: I wish I had a stronger opinion about ________.



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