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Why Those Who “Can’t”, Teach

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I’m not the best athlete in the world. I’m not the greatest singer or the most amazing artist. I’m not a well-renowned historian, nor have I written the next great American novel. I have not discovered the cure for cancer and I probably won’t ever dance with the Moscow Ballet.

But love what I do.

I’m good at it.

I love how it makes me feel when I work hard, accomplish my goals, and master my craft.

I may never be famous for it, but I have to do it. It’s part of me.

And that part of me must be shared.

I teach because I can’t do anything else.

I can’t do anything else. Nothing else fuels the passion in me for the craft that I love– nothing fuels it like sharing it.

And so I teach.

I don’t do it for the money or the time off, or the late nights spent working on lessons or creating new ways to help you learn.

I do it because maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that what I love, you love, too.

I teach because I want you to love.

I teach for the moments when your eyes light up because a fire has been sparked within you. It’s the same fire that burns in me.

I teach for the smiles, the laughter, the joy– my reactions to your learning, shared with you at your own accomplishments.

I teach because my heart aches for you to engage– for you to develop a sense of self through the discovery of doing what God created you to do.

I teach because it’s fun.

I teach despite the naysayers– those who give voice to the idea that teaching, in any capacity, is easy.

I teach despite the laws, regulations, and codes that tie my hands, rendering me to often feel ineffective.

I teach despite the long days, constant training, and never-ending paperwork.

I teach because I love.

I love my craft; my area of expertise. But more than that, I love you.

I love it when you are a blank page, ready to be inscribed with the knowledge you will need to conquer the world.

I love it when you are a closed book–difficult and moody– you challenge me, and I never back down from a challenge.

I love it when you respond to what I’m teaching– when I see you growing and changing before my eyes.

I love it most of all when you realize that I do what I do because I love you.

I want you to grow.

I want you to find what it is you are passionate about.

I want you to work harder, be better, achieve more, and do things– things I’ll never do.

I want you to be better than I could ever be.

I teach because what I love requires that to be brilliant at it, I love those who want to learn.

And so I push myself. I push myself to be better and faster and stronger and smarter– for you.

I push myself to do more and be more and achieve more so that you will be greater.

I continue to learn and develop new techniques and master my craft for the sole purpose of sharing it with you.

But I remind myself that you are not me.

You might not love what I love. You might not respond to me the way I hope.

You might not understand that when I look at you, I see a person perfectly created by a great and mighty God.

But I will continue to teach you, praying that this God-given passion that drives me gives me the opportunity to show you a glimpse of what I love, and if nothing else, let you know that you can be passionate about something–anything–too.

Above all, that’s what I want you to find–something you are passionate about.

So passionate that you must share it with someone else.

So I teach because, by the grace of God, I can.


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is my favorite time of year. College football starts in a few weeks, autumn is sure to be around the corner (although I live in GA so it’s usually late October before we begin to see a break in temps) and school is starting.

The stores are all hustle and bustle with parents and kids armed with school-generated lists of supplies necessary for the child to function appropriately in the classroom.

Moms are running wild trying to collect all the necessary supplies, kids are dreading the end of summer, and some teachers are groaning about returning to the classroom.

I love school.

I always have, I’m sure I always will.  I was the kind of kid who begged my mom to take me school supply shopping in July, and then I’d carefully organize my supplies, label my folders, and prepare with hope and excitement for a new school year weeks in advance.

And nothing changed when I became a teacher. 

Being a teacher only added to the excitement for me.  I couldn’t wait to meet the kids whom I would have the pleasure of teaching.  And because I taught high school, with each new semester, I got to do it all over again!

There is something so exciting about a fresh, new school year.  It’s full of anticipation, hopefulness, and the desire to be accepted, whether you are a student or a teacher.

This is the time of year when I miss teaching the most.  I miss everything about it, from the paperwork and relentless meetings and workshops, to the actual classroom time and relationships I built with my students.  I even miss the challenge of a class from you-know-where.

To my teacher friends, I say, God bless you this year.  I pray that God gives you patience, wisdom, and the ability to realize that each precious child represents the opportunity for you to be a light to an entire family unit.  Each child represents the hope for our future.  And no matter how annoying or uncontrollable that child may seem, each child has been given to you by God for a brief span of time– make the most of it.  Pray over each one of them.  Love each one of them.  Remember the old adage that you may be the only glimpse of kindness, love, joy, patience, or Jesus Christ that the child ever sees.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

Share with Me: What did you or do you most love and hate about the Back-to-School time? Were you the kind of student to keep your desk or locker organized, or did the dog constantly eat your homework?


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