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The Worst Testimony Ever


I have the worst testimony ever.

At least, that’s what I used to think.

There’s no moving brilliance about being pulled from the pits of despair. There’s no drug use or living on the streets, no emotionally heart-wrenching abuse or moment between life and death where I saw Jesus.

My testimony was boring and I never liked sharing it.

I came to an understanding that I wanted to follow Jesus Christ as my savior when I was six years old.

How would I describe it? Underwhelming, probably.

There was no big epiphany. There was no glowing light or warm fuzzies.

There was only Jesus. There was no other option for me– I would follow him for life because that’s what I knew to be right.

So I always hated sharing my testimony because it wasn’t emotional enough. It wasn’t dangerous enough. It wasn’t riveting and brilliant and “worthy” of being called a testimony.

But here’s the thing– even at six years old, I did make a choice between life and death. And lucky for me, I made it before I had to live through the harsh realities of this world and all of the pitfalls that can befall man. I chose life.

And ever since, God has been working on me, changing me and molding me into the person he would have me be.

Has life been perfect? Absolutely not.

And that’s where my testimony is.

My testimony is the moment on Easter Sunday when I was thirteen years old and I finally realized exactly what it meant for Jesus to sacrifice his life for me.

My testimony is the tumor on my brain that God healed through the guided hands of a surgeon when I was twenty.

My testimony is the infertility issues that plagued my marriage and the blessings and miracles that have resulted in my sons.

My testimony is the daily twists and turns of life, the choices I make, the will of God, and how I relate the two.

My testimony is the blood of Christ that was shed for me, just as much as it was shed for everyone else.

My testimony isn’t one moment– it’s a life full of Jesus.

It’s beautiful. It’s tragic. It’s emotional. It’s riveting.

It might not feature the drama that some others have, but my testimony is a deliverance from sin, the redeeming of the blood, the moment when I was created and God said, “I love you.”

It’s a testimony I’m proud to share.

Share with me: What moments in your life speak to your testimony?

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