I am a writer.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  -Psalm 37:4

Once again, God has taken my calm, “planned,” mapped-out life that is driven by my Type-A personality and given it a good shake, which never ceases to surprise and amaze me with results that are always way outside of what I could have imagined for myself.

As many of you know, my professional career began in the classroom.  I was a high school History and Social Studies teacher; a career that I loved and would like to return to at some point.  However, once my oldest son came along, I felt the Lord leading me to step away from my job and become a stay-at-home mom. 

I’ve always been an avid reader.  I can devour an 800 page novel in no time, which really sort of freaks my husband out.  I particularly like the genre of inspirational (Christian) fiction, and for years I’d read a book and then think to myself, “I can do this.”  So, awhile back, I tried it.  Yep, I wrote a novel.  A couple of them, actually.

After much prayer and consideration, I sent my novels out and with much excitement, signed with an amazing literary agent who is currently shopping one of my novels while I work on getting the other ready and busily create new stories to be published.

So, once again my life has taken an unexpected, wonderful, exciting turn.  I am a writer.  I am a write-from-home mom.  Hopefully you will soon be able to purchase one of my novels at your local bookstore (or download it, for you e-reader people).  In the meantime, here is what I need you to do for me: I would love and appreciate your support and your prayers as my family and I embark on this journey.  The world of publishing is a wonderful, frustrating one that comes with many highs and lows, but can be an amazing place to be in ministry and glorify the Lord.

I hope to be the kind of writer that creates not only inspirational historical and contemporary fiction, but brings a little reality to the world of cookie-cutter, predictable fiction.  There are some amazing authors out there, and I hope to one day be blessed enough to be among them.  Until then, please continue to support my blog, follow me on Twitter, follow me on Facebook, and let your friends know about the things I’m writing here.

~Jennifer K. Hale

*PS- I hope this news now explains to many of my friends and family why I seem to be at my computer so much.  It’s not because I have hours to goof around on facebook (ha!).  It is, of course, because I’m writing whenever possible.  Thanks for your support!

*PPS (or is it PSS?) Help me out with your prayers and support and I promise to give you little tastes of whatever I’m working on.  🙂


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6 responses to “I am a writer.

  1. Oh Congratulations Jenny! You and you family deserve this. God has blessed you and will continue to do so! Can't wait to read it!!!!!

  2. PPS – post post scriptAwesome. Love you.

  3. WOW — Your newest adventure sounds wonderful. I'm very happy for you, you are a talented writer, teacher, singer, and mom…. I'm thrilled for you an your family. I will have you and your family in my prayers. Love, Julie

  4. I'll trade you my forthcoming (emphasis on the forth) books for your books. -Gene

  5. This is wonderful! I've enjoyed having your son in Sunday School and am amazed at the talent God has given you!

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