Chocolate Awareness Day

“Hello.  My name is Jennifer and I’m a chocoholic.”
“Hello, Jennifer…” everyone at the Chocoholic’s Anonymous drones in reply.  And then I proceed to confess my dirty little secret– that I eat chocolate (in some form) Every.Single.Day.

Don’t start imagining me all vegged-out on my couch with chocolate smeared all over my face.  I practice moderation (albeit my willpower is next to nil).  Also, my favorite happens to be dark chocolate– something about the bittersweetness is just perfection– and medical reports have said over and over that it contains antioxidants and is even good for your heart.  Justification:  it’s healthy.

And because I know many of you also suffer from chocoholism, I declare today Chocolate Awareness Day.

In an effort to promote chocolate awareness I decided that I would share my favorites with you and expand your understanding of how you can partake in this delightful and delicious creation that God put on this earth for us to enjoy.  (More justification??)  I could have broken this up into categories, ie, cakes, cookies, candies, etc, but I might have eaten my laptop before I was done typing, so I’ll go with my top 5.  (*Disclaimer: if it’s chocolate, I’ll eat it, but these are a few of my many many faves.)

1. Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Swirl Dove Promises.  These are a recent find and are without a doubt insanely delicious.  Of all of the chocolate wonderfulness I’ve ever tasted, these definitely deserve a spot at the top for their bittersweet mix and raspberry tang.  And when the little “inspiration” inside the wrapper tells me that I deserve to eat it, I have to agree.

2. RitterSport Dark Chocolate Mousse bar.  I found this one at a World Market while visiting Nashville and praise the Lord, discovered that the commissary on the military base nearby also carries it.  God Bless the Germans for this creation.  It’s delicious.  But looking on their website a moment ago, I noticed that they have a new bar- Stracciatella (chocolate chip gelato– my favorite flavor.)  I might have to break down and order one as a companion for the Dark Chocolate Mousse.
3. Peanut Butter M&Ms.  Let me be clear– I do not discriminate when it comes to M&Ms.  I love them all.  But when I’m writing, I love to get a small bowl of these and put them near my computer and eat them slowly…something about that process helps me concentrate.  And for some reason, Easter PB M&Ms taste better than regular.  And the Christmas Mint M&Ms taste amazing, too.  Does the Mars company have a special ingredient called “holiday magic?”

 4. Chocolate Mousse Cake from Frank’s At the Old Mill in Fayettville, GA.  Hands down the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten (I’m pretty sure it’s what manna tastes like) and the pieces are HUGE.  Last time they ate there, my sweet parents brought me a piece and it took me three days to eat it.  Wish I lived closer to the restaurant.  Probably a good thing that I don’t.
I don’t have a pic for you.  Imagine chocolate manna.

5.  Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix.  I could probably get a lot more cookies out of this mix if I didn’t eat so much of the dough.  
And here comes the chocolate awareness.  In case you want to celebrate chocolate the way I do, check out the following link for chocolate holidays- yes, they exist!!  More people should be celebrating.  Holler at me if you want to plan an event– party up for the cocoa bean!

**Note, I’m not a fan of white chocolate.  At all.
I would love to know what your favorite chocolate delights are!


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2 responses to “Chocolate Awareness Day

  1. Anything Ghirardelli! As far as I am concerned, there is no other brownie mix. Theirs is the best! And I love their little chocolate and caramel squares. I love caramel ALMOST as much as chocolate, so the two of them together are heaven for me! Happy Chocolate Awareness Day!

  2. Corne Port Royal fresh creams from Belgium. I've even ordered them and had them shipped here. Soooo yummy.

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