Meet Me in St. Louis!

I’m heading to the ACFW Conference in St. Louis, MO this weekend.

ACFW= American Christian Fiction Writers.

And pretending that I’m Judy Garland, I’ve been singing “Meet Me in St. Louis” (pronounced Louie, of course) for days. Not only am I excited about conference, that movie is one of my favorites, and I’m known to randomly burst into song, especially from a cherished musical.

This is my first conference experience, so in order to prepare, I’ve made some lists.

What I’m excited about:

1. Meeting my writer cyber-friends in person. (To make sure they really do exist.)
2. Spending some time with my awesome agent, Rachel Kent from Books & Such.
3. Learning, learning, learning.
4. Meeting some of my favorite authors in person. (To make sure they really do exist.)
5. Pitching my book to prospective editors.

What I’m nervous about:

1. Flying. It’s a control issue. If they’d let me fly the plane, I’d be okay. But as it is that I have to settle for being a passenger, I’m not all that cool with it.
2. That my luggage will somehow get misplaced, and I’ll be forced to wear the same outfit all weekend.
3. Missing my boys.
4. Pitching my book to editors. (I’m usually able to control my nerves pretty well, so I’m hoping that I don’t get all stupid tongue-tied.)

What I will do:

1. Make new friends.
2. Learn, absorb, learn, and learn some more.
3. Enjoy every precious second I have with the writer friends from all over the country who have become a very important part of my life.
4. Make contacts with prospective editors.
5. Did I mention learn?
6. Enjoy the praise and worship with people who are striving to do the same thing I am–glorify God.
7. Drink caffeine to keep myself up late enough (past 9 pm) to get everything I can out of this experience. This is a big deal because I am SO not a night-owl. 

What I will not do:

1. Freak out.
2. Cry. (Although I’ve heard that this is a pretty normal thing for writers feeling overwhelmed.)
3. Say something stupid like, “Hey, aren’t you Stephenie Meyer?”
4. Let my nerves get the best of me and botch my pitch and end up talking about other people’s books instead of my own. Or throw up on an editor.
5. Call my children every 5 minutes. I’ll push myself to every 10.

I am so excited about this opportunity and I cannot wait to share all of the wonderful things that I’ve learned when I return home. I expect to have a life-changing weekend.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me on my writing journey thus far. I appreciate your support–keep it coming!

Share with me: Have you ever stepped outside of your comfort zone to do something God was pushing you toward? Writers: what is the best experience you’ve had at a writer’s conference?


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2 responses to “Meet Me in St. Louis!

  1. Yes – I've definitely stepped outside my comfort zone – more than I've wanted. Usually, I'm happy to have done it in the end.I've attended one local writer's conference, and it was incredible! I actually pitched and sold my novel idea to one of their editors. Go for it, Girlfriend. 🙂

  2. seriously love your site! i need to get you on my reader somehow…working on that. since you don't have the nifty google follower thingamajig. hmm. love it, though!

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