Leashing the Mama Bear

I had one of those moments today where I almost took someone’s head off.

She made a comment about my kid, and I went all “Mama Bear”.

My lips got tight. My heart started beating faster. My body went hot as the rage seared through my chest. And for one fabulous second, I imagined lashing out at her, teeth barred, claws exposed, a thunderous, snarly growl resonating from my chest. (Get the image? Not pretty, nor ladylike.)

I’m not going to put the specifics here because I want to protect the “innocent”,  but suffice it to say that her comment was at the expense of my 5 year old son (whom she knows). Thankfully, he was not present, but my 2 year old was.


I wanted to rip her to shreds and leave her body in tiny, whimpering pieces, but instead I politely contradicted her and walked away.

I call that success.

After all, I’m only human.

Share with me: Have you ever had a “Mama Bear” moment? How did you handle it?


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7 responses to “Leashing the Mama Bear

  1. My daughter is in middle school and wow times are tough! There have been days I wanted to come up out of the minivan, find a 12 year old mean girl and rip her head off. If only… 🙂

  2. Have I ever had a Mama Bear moment…ohhh, so many times.And as I have one in middle school I've wanted to go Mama Bear on a few kids who hurt my sweet girl too…

  3. I have had papa bear moments and by the grace of God was able to walk away with everyone unscathed.

  4. i just have to say that this happened to me only this week…for the first time. but it happened twice…both with the same kid who said something really mean to my daughter to make her cry. the second time, i was there to hear it, and i swear i had a homicidal urge toward that other little girl. with my baby wrapped around my neck for dear life and crying for all she's worth…the least i wanted to do was give that girl a little kick or something. *sigh* but being the therapist i am, i let the daycare staff handle it by putting the girl in time out and loving on my daughter, asking her to use her words and really process about her feelings. and being the daughter of a therapist, she processed, and it was life in action. i can't protect her from those moments. after going to my office to have a little cry (b/c this was the FIRST time that i've seen my daughter cry for some reason that wasn't her hitting her head, etc) i called my mom and asked her how she had handled me crying all the time when some dumb boy broke my heart, etc. she said that you kinda have to turn it off, deal with your child, and then grieve later….b/c you will grieve.lessons. i don't like 'em so much. weird that you had this same experience this week. it's totally affected me…yuck.but she's growing up…and knocks come with life. *sigh* again.

  5. A 23 year old has tried to have relations with my 14 year old… Mama Bear is hunting weasels at the moment!So yeah, I have several of those moments lately. Blood boiling, teeth clenched. I want to tell this creep that if I can plot an entire book and write twisted scenes with a serial killer – imagine what I can do to him.

  6. Oh, girl, I hear ya! My daughter referees soccer. She's 12, and she refs mostly for kids under 8. The parents of these very small kids playing soccer are ruthless. I like to think they temporarily lose their mind in the height of their competitiveness when they're willing to scream at a 12-year-old ref in a league of soccer where they don't even keep score. It's crazy! I have bit my tongue so hard it has bled!

  7. I'm glad I'm not alone in the Mama Bear corner! Sounds like many of you are dealing with these emotions over your daughters–I can only imagine how much worse it could be with a daughter who has to deal with "mean girls", etc.

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