No Laughing Matter

My son had committed another infraction. Whether it was leaning back in his chair at the dinner table, refusing to eat his food, or using his fork as an airplane, he’d done something that required scolding.

And so I began in my best “mommy-voice.” Don’t do that. Don’t do this. We expect this and that from you. Please use your manners or said infractions will cost you through the following consequences…

But I as I spoke, his eyes moved slowly toward each other until they were completely crossed, his mouth puckered, his expression…hysterical.

How am I supposed to keep a straight face against that?

And I tried. Really I did. I tried as hard as I could not to lose it, to keep my cool and maintain my “speech.”

But I looked to my husband who had his eyes on our kid and his hand over his mouth to keep from spewing mashed potatoes everywhere.

I’m sure that many of you parents have been in a similar situation–wholeheartedly delivering the “talking-to” that will change your child’s life, only to notice that your kid’s face is possessed.

I’m not gonna lie–I laughed. I had to.

It ruined the teachable moment, but I have no doubt there will be more teachable moments.

Share with me: How do you handle it when your kid makes you laugh when you are trying to discipline?


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9 responses to “No Laughing Matter

  1. This happens all the time with my son. I have no good advice. 🙂 If it's something really bad though, I don't laugh. But things like you're talking about, I laugh and move on! Funny story!

  2. This sounds just like my son! He's a little ham to the core. I have a feeling those motherly messages are still sinking in, though. 🙂

  3. It's so hard not to laugh – especially when my husband is standing behind him cracking up. Even more than making me laugh, my three-year-old will take my face in his hands and give me a big kiss. It melts my heart. How am I supposed to be mad after he does that? Sounds like all our babies have us wrapped around their little fingers 🙂

  4. Maybe the teachable moment is so they learn that humor can diffuse a tense situation. Then again it might be a "you wipe that look off your face, young man" moment.Congratulations! You've been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. For more info you can check out my blog.(Practice your pageant wave.)

  5. This situation happens to me almost every day!It's so hard. I either leave the room and regainmy composure or cover my mouth with my hand or sleeve. Of course, I've lost it from time to time, but laughing does reinforcethe negative behavior I'm attempting to discourage. Sometimes though, you justcan't help it. Fun post. It made me smiledespite my morning sickness. 🙂

  6. i duck behind my laptop, kindle, or a door for a few precious seconds to compose myself to school my features. my problem is that sometimes her extreme duress is extremely funny. if she were to screw up her face like you described your son doing, that would have made me incensed b/c she wasn't taking me seriously. it's when she IS taking us seriously that she'll sometimes crack us up, and that's when i DO NOT want her to see me laughing. your little bugger was playing you good! would have loved to see it. 🙂

  7. So glad I'm not alone in this… :)Thankfully it doesn't happen often, but when it does it's just–funny.I think the funniest part about it was that he wasn't being disrespectful. It was almost like he zoned out and made a face unaware that he was doing it.

  8. I was a fan of mild corporal punishment. I say 'was' because at one point, when Savannah was 4, I popped her on her bum and she looked up with those big blue eyes, put her hands on her hips, cocked her head and very matter-of-factly said "that didn't hurt". Rude to read, hilarious in person! I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, how the heck do you follow that up?!

  9. Ah! I love this post!! Why does your blog not feed into my dashboard?? Anyway, this post is awesome b/c Ryan and I so struggle when we're disciplining Brogan. He does the darndest things.That is hilarious that your little man crossed his eyes at you. I can totally picture your hubby too!

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