The Medicine for Monday

Happy Monday!!

Yes, I said it. Happy Monday. 🙂

In the spirit of starting your week off right, I canned the idea of a deep, thought provoking post.

I like thought provoking. But we don’t always need deep. Sometimes we just need to laugh.

The Bible talks a lot about joy. It talks a lot about laughter. I think Jesus might even have chuckled a time or two.

So here–take a couple of minutes and tickle your funny bone with a little church humor.  You’ll laugh because you know it’s true.

If you’ve never heard of comedian Tim Hawkins, it’s time to get acquainted. I think he’s one of the funniest human beings who walks the planet today.


Hedge of Protection

Just Just Father Father

Share with me: What makes you laugh? What’s your favorite kind of humor?


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8 responses to “The Medicine for Monday

  1. So funny! And "just" what I needed this Monday morning.

  2. Ha! I say Lord too much when I pray!

  3. Oh my word, that is soooo funny! Thanks for sharing the laughs, Jenny. 🙂

  4. It's still Monday MST … that was so funny … ending the day with a smile.I love Tim Hawkins and Brian Regan — and Bill Cosby's a classic too.

  5. I hadn't seen those two clips! Love Tim Hawkins! He was in town last weekend… Sold out. I was super bummed. My favorite skit is 'breath mints' though the you tube video doesn't do it justice. Fun post today!

  6. that second one made me laugh so hard. allan was told when we were first dating that he said "Lord" too much when he prayed. his friend told him this, and while it brought awareness to allan, he was really stumped with verbal prayer b/c he was nervous that he'd oversay Lord. his friend was like, "don't you think God knows his name?" ahhh! now he doesn't do it and he is once again comfortable praying out loud….and the better for it. but that's HYSTERICAL.

  7. Amy- He's coming to ATL this summer. I'm going to try to get tickets. I seriously think he's hilarious. And a pretty good musician, too.I'm glad y'all enjoyed these clips! 🙂

  8. Too funny! And so true. My husbands biggest pet peeve about praying is the overuse of God's many names. Thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard of Tim Hawkins.

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