Maybe It’s Good That I Never Win

I never win things. Okay, almost never.

There was this one time, about a thousand years ago, when I tried to call a friend of mine who worked at a local radio station. I dialed the main station number, but I must have been seriously confused and mixed up the promos I heard on the radio that give the phone numbers, because when the phone was answered, here’s how it went:

“Rock 103, do you know the answer?”

“Ummmm….I have the wrong number.” I distinctly remember the heat in my face because I knew I was live on the air.

“You have the wrong number? What?”

“Yeah, sorry. I was trying to call a friend at another station.”

Huge guffaws of laughter. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. He works at B one-oh-…”

“Wait! Don’t say another station’s name live on our air!”

“Sorry.” Swallow. Hang up. Just hang up.

“So you don’t know the answer to our trivia question?”

“No. What’s the question?”

More laughter.

“Well, you didn’t find your friend, but how about this? Congratulations! You’re our winner for this hour!”

What.Is.Happening. “Really? Uh, thanks.”

“Yeah. You’ll have a prize pack made up of a t-shirt, a mug, a bumper sticker, some promo cards for the station and a demo CD of Pearl Jam. Nirvana. Toad the Wet Sprocket. Radiohead.Vertical Horizon.”


“What station hooks you up with all that stuff and the best rock in the valley area?”

Okay. This is the part when I’m supposed to say the station call-sign thingy, and I can’t remember the station I called. Holy cow. “Ummm…Sunny 100?”

Dead silence on the air for way longer than they are supposed to allow dead silence.

“Uh, no.”

“I’m sorry. I have the wrong number.”

Yes, I did go pick up my prize pack. 🙂

Share with me: For a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, tell me about a time when you won something, or if you’ve never won anything, tell me about a time you did something really embarrassing. One commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize! The drawing will be open until Thursday, 2/16/12 and the winner will be announced in a post next Friday! Good luck!
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8 responses to “Maybe It’s Good That I Never Win

  1. Friend, that is hysterical.I can't believe the guy expected you to answer the whole "What station …?" question.Too, too funny.OK, first time I ever won something: School carnival. I'm in about, oh, fourth grade. I grab a slip of paper out of a huge glass jar. I have to have a piece of paper with a certain order of numbers on it to win . . . and I do. I get to choose from a selection of huge stuffed animals. I picked a Scoti dog. Loved that thing to pieces. :O)

  2. I am still cracking up at this! So funny. I love it. Just love it!

  3. Do I hafta?? (and btw I'm following your blog, but none of your posts are ending up in my feed! Waaaah!)I actually haven't won anything like your story–but oh I feel your pain!I've actually done something so much worse. We were attending a bridal shower for a friend of the family. I knew the gal. We kinda, sorta grew up together because our moms are close friends. But I don't know her REALLY well. So we're sitting around the table, introducing ourselves and I say, "Hi, I'm Casey and while I don't know BRIDE (name cut to preserve the innocent) intimately, our moms are close friends…The room is in titters at this point and I'm mumbling something unintelligible–I was JUST trying to wordsmith–intimate as in I don't know her deep, dark secrets, because we really aren't "friends".I think I've finally stopped blushing when I think about that day…

  4. So funny! My most embarrassing moment was in high school. I was a freshman, wearing my poms uniform for a pep rally. (yes, there is a difference between poms and cheerleading) so, fourth lunch was letting out which meant the whole school-mainly all the cute seniors- were heading up the wide staircase from the lunch room for class. The girl in front of me was on crutches and lost her balance so naturally I lunge forward to catch her…brilliant…and end up with my hands on the step in front of me…my spanky-clad booty in the air and on vivid display. I might also mention in that moment that said spankys were rebelling their position with my brightly colored undies. Oy vey!And to top it all off, my biggest crush, mr. popular himself gathered me up, draped his arm around my shoulder-be still my heart- And said "don't worry freshy, no body saw that.""really?" I replied.He shook his head and winked, "No. EVERY body saw that!"Are you feeling my pain, because it was pretty bad.oh, and I am also not very lucky when it comes to contests. 😦

  5. One of our favorite stories ever . . . . Dave and I were on a hot date (dinner, WalMart, ToysRUs) and for some reason Dave didn't want to go inside TRU with me. He let me out at the door, I quickly made the purchases, came outside and went up to the Chevy truck there on the sidewalk, opened the door, SAT DOWN and started to put my seat belt on as I shut the door and said "Let's Roll" only to hear 'I think you have the wrong truck.' I apologized as best I could for someone that totally just got in the wrong truck, got out of the truck and then walked across the parking lot – to the correct truck – the one where my husband sat in the driver's seat laughing at my getting in the wrong car.

  6. Oh, I am having a blast reading these! Ok, the most recent "winning" embarrassing moment was one Friday night I was reading through my tweetdeck on Twitter when i read "Next RT of this tweet will win a prize." So, I obliged. Then, there was a tweet that said, "@Kelli Wommack, please come to the stage and pick up your prize!" Seems I had RTd a tweet from an EWomen conference while it was live and I won the prize! So embarrassing to tweet back and let them know I was not there.

  7. Ha, ha! This is so funny! I think I won a box of chocolates once in first or second grade. 🙂 Other than that, I don't think I've had much luck. 🙂

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