Four Things to Inspire Your Writing Today

Announcing the winner of the Wildflowers from Winter giveaway! The lucky person to receive a copy of Katie Ganshert’s debut novel is (drum roll please) LORI DILWORTH!!

Congrats, Lori! Email me your address and we’ll get that right out to you! I know you’re going to love it!

And now on to today’s topic…

Four Things to Inspire Your Writing Today:

1. Chocolate. Lots of it. In all kinds, shapes, sizes, and *flavors. *dark, white, milk, etc. Get some. Now. Chocolate produces a special endorphin that speeds up the brain synapses and helps you up your daily word count. Okay, I totally made that up, but it does do something to help me out when I write. Maybe it has magical plot-producing properties.

2. This place. Because when you publish lots and lots of books, you’ll have enough money to buy a house with an outdoor writing room that has this view.

3. This song. Because it’s a reminder of just who should be glorified with your writing.


4. These four guys. They are now the wallpaper on my desktop and they make me feel a little bit guilty when I sit down to the computer and I’m not writing. And plus, these dudes are not bad eye-candy. That’s also inspirational. (bonus!) 🙂 (No, I haven’t seen the Avengers movie yet, but I plan to this coming weekend.)


Share with me: What’s inspiring your writing today?


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16 responses to “Four Things to Inspire Your Writing Today

  1. wendypainemiller

    Cracking me up. Getting outside works for me every single time.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Love that poster! I need inspiration today, that’s for sure. Not feeling it….

  3. Teehee, I loved the second one. Because yes, we’re all going to be rich someday. 😉

    And I’m seeing the Avengers this weekend too! Woot!

  4. bethkvogt

    I plan on listening to that song after my morning walk — that’s when I have my prayer time. And that poster–yeah, I love it. Just saw Thor (I know, I’m sooooo behind) and I plan on seeing The Avengers after the Blue Ridge conference.

    • You are NOT behind. Not when you’re ahead of me. 🙂 I haven’t seen Thor, so my hubby is making me watch it tomorrow night so that I’ll know what’s going on when I see Avengers this weekend.

  5. cynthiaherron

    Enjoying the bright, warm sunshine and sipping iced tea! (And reading my fave bloggers always inspires me.) 😉

  6. jeanniecampbell

    that picture threw me off big time. have i been under a rock? when did MARK RUFFALO become the fourth in the avengers? (i liked in him in 13 going on 30….but the HULK?) i agree, though, not bad eye candy.

    • LOL. I know. He’s my least favorite of the bunch, but so far there hasn’t really been a dude playing the Hulk that I thought was good. I mean, Edward Norton? Are you kidding me? No way I could buy him in such a role when I’ve seen Fight Club several times. Maybe Eric Bana. Maybe. (Sigh. I have seen all of these movies because I am married to a Superhero comic freak.) 🙂

      • jeanniecampbell

        eric bana is a hottie, though. he’d made a nice addition to the poster. edward norton was the better actor, but too scrawny-ish. i, too, am married to a comic book lover.

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  8. Lori Dilworth

    Wow I should have opened my email yesterday! Thanks Jenny (and Katie) I am looking forward to some reading time soon. 🙂

  9. hey jenny, your way of inspiring is so unique and cool, it will be good if you post something inspirational over to inspire writers over there , writerbabu is a philosophy of true and free expression of the writer within ourselves

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