We’re Not Anniversary People

Man, we haven’t aged a bit. I hope. May 19, 2001.

This weekend my husband and I will celebrate 11 years of wedded bliss.

Okay, 11 years being married, with a vast majority of those years qualifying as bliss. 🙂

The Super-Hubs and I have never really made a big deal out of our anniversary. Weird, since I’m a hopeless romantic in love with love, right?

We sort of recognize it, but we don’t do gifts for each other and we don’t make big plans or take elaborate trips.

In fact, last year was the first year since our Honeymoon that we’ve taken a trip specifically to celebrate our anniversary, and we made that happen only because  it was the big number 10, and we didn’t go far. Just a couple of nights in Savannah. We really enjoyed it.

This year we’re going to dinner and to see Avengers. Now that is an anniversary celebration!

Perhaps we don’t make a big deal out of our anniversary because it falls at a bad time. It’s the end of the school year (that’s not a great time for teachers, which I was and my hubby still is). It’s exactly half-way between the birthdays of our sons, and it’s smack-dab in the middle of a month chock-full of family birthdays and other events.

I had to look up what the traditional anniversary gift is this year. 11 years is steel. Hmmm. I think I’ll dig out one of the stainless steel shell-shaped mint trays (why are those even a thing?) we were given as a wedding gift and re-gift it to him.

He’ll Love It.

To Super-Hubby: Thanks for putting up with me for 11 years and promising to put up with me for a zillion more. I love you, B.

Share with me: Are you and your spouse big anniversary people? Do you usually give the traditional gifts by year? What’s the most memorable thing you’ve done for an anniversary?


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19 responses to “We’re Not Anniversary People

  1. jessicarpatch

    This Sunday is our 17th anniversary! We’re simple, the older we get. We have taken trips to bed and breakfasts, we did the Bahamas on our one year anniversary, but tonight, the kids are away and we’re going downtown to eat and probably a movie, but we’ve already seen the Avengers so who knows. I think we do less because we are busier and we have kids and all that jazz. Happy Anniversary, Jennifer! 🙂 Make sure you stay at the end of the movie and run through the credits for a scene, and then at the VERY end there’s another. It may not be worth it but if I’m spending a billion dollars on a movie, then I want to see every brow move and mouth pucker. Yah know?!

    • Jess- Happy Anniversary to you, too!! I’ll definitely stick around through the credits. My hubby loves superheroes, so he’d already told me we had to stay to watch the extra scenes. 🙂

  2. Lori

    We are not anniversary people either. We don’t exchange gifts (Birthdays are the only big fit givving days at our house) we generally only exchange a small Christmas gift. Last year we went on a vacation over our anniversary, but only because that was the one week out of the summer that we weren’t moving and I wasn’t teaching. We generally go out on a “fancy date” some time during the week our anniversary falls. My husband and I are “simple folks” and we don’t need to do anything elaborate, we celebrate our life together regularly.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Our tenth is a week from today. My hubs is more of an anniversary person than I am, which is probably for the best since he is the hardest man ever to shop for. 🙂

  4. Happy anniversary!

    We love any excuse to celebrate so we usually stay overnight at a nice hotel. I hope that doesn’t change when we have kids, but who knows. We just celebrated 5 years back in November.

    For our 10th, we’ve always said we’ll go back to Hawaii, where we went on our honeymoon…but by then we’ll probably have a few kids and they’ll be young, so that might not happen! But that’s OK. As long as I’m with him. 🙂

    • You know, Linds, I think that’s why we’ve kinda put our anniversary in the backseat. We did more before the kids came along, but now it’s such a busy season for us that we don’t have the money or the time to devote anything huge to it.

  5. Gabrielle Meyer

    My husband and I celebrate 11 years in a couple of weeks (June 8th)! Last year we wanted to get away for our 10th, but we only got as far as Minneapolis (100 miles away), two nights at a hotel and a Minnesota Twins game. This was a big trip for us, though, because it was the first (and second) night away from our twins since they were born. Other than getting away for a night alone, we don’t buy gifts or do anything elaborate.

    Happy Anniversary!

    • Love that, Gabrielle. I find it hard to be away from my kids overnight, too. I’ve done it a few times, but it’s not very often that we go out of town and leave them behind. Call me crazy, but I like my kids. 😉

  6. Casey Herringshaw

    Ah, sweet picture! Happy Anniversary. 🙂

  7. mecjohns

    Our anniversary is the 24th and we’re not big anniversary people either. In fact, if we do gifts, it’s usually something bigger that we both want. Brandon did plan a trip to DC for our first anniversary though!

  8. We usually just go out for dinner without the boys for our anniversary. However, I think Amy pretty much celebrates year-round being married to me because of my awesomeness! 🙂

  9. congrats on 11 years! we’ll be celebrating 7 this june. we usually give gifts to each other, but haven’t taken a trip. we tried to take a trip this year but can’t find anyone to watch our daughter. yay. coolest thing we did for each other was on year 5, and we actually followed the traditional gift recommendation of wood. i got him an inlaid wooden box with a raindbow trout (his favorite fish to flyfish for) and he got me a shale-colored sweater made out of hemp, which is a bit of a stretch, but i totally saw the connection.

  10. Michelle

    We will celebrate 24 in August. We give gifts, but they are never very big. We went to a B & B up in Hamilton for our 10th, but for our 25th we are going back to Hawaii (where we took our honeymoon).

  11. We totally aren’t anniversary people! In fact, on our six year anniversary, we woke up and went about our days. My stepmom texted me, “Happy anniversary!” And I thought, “Oh shoot! It’s our anniversary.” We BOTH forgot.

  12. bethkvogt

    Love this post … reading it at the end of the day (kept it open all day so that I wouldn’t forget!
    As the anniversaries rolled by, my husband and I became less and less about the “things,” i.e. gifts, and more about spending time with each other. Since we’ve moved to CO, we go to The Pepper Tree to celebrate our anniversary. It’s swanky — waiters in tuxes and meals prepared tableside. And yet it’s a small enough establishment to have an intimate feel to it. If we manage a walk through Garden of the Gods, that’s always good too.

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