A Girl (or Boy) Can Dream…

It’s summer.

For most people, summer = vacation time.

The beach, usually.

But I’m not really a beach person. In fact, I can only tolerate so many hours of sand in places it shouldn’t be and hair made frizzy & wild by salty sea air.

The beach is not necessarily my dream vaycay.

But what about you?

Share with me: If money wasn’t an issue, what would your dream vacation be?


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13 responses to “A Girl (or Boy) Can Dream…

  1. Backpacking through Europe….and then Asia….and then Africa. I’d love to see the world.

  2. The beach, all the way! We’re going on a Caribbean cruise with friends in three weeks…so that’s one dream that’ll be checked off the list!

  3. I’m with Katie–I’d see the world and maybe take a year or two to do it.

  4. Gabrielle Meyer

    My husband and I always debate about our vacation destinations. He’d rather sit on a beach all day and I’d rather explore! My dream vacation would be traveling through Europe. Ahh.

  5. EUROPE. Italy and Scotland in particular. I’m so not a beach person either. why am i not surprised we have that in common?

  6. Lori

    I love the mountains and pick a nice completely furnished, exquisite cabin to spend some R&R time. Although I would love to go on an Italian tour! My husband tells the most beautiful stories about being in Italy.

  7. Australia!!! I’ve been to the Amazon jungle and let me tell you, AMAZING!! But Australia is my dream trip. Just give me a car and I’ll see you in a few months.

  8. Hannah Joy

    Oh, I would love to go to Ireland. And Germany. And Italy…the world. 😉

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