Reconsider Your Level of Influence

Those of us who use social media sites because of our professional life can get a tad…focused…on numbers.

Number of page hits. Number of followers. Number of friend requests. Number of comments or contest entrants or subscribers.

Numbers mean a lot when you are trying to “brand” and build a base.

While I realize that many of you have been on Twitter forever and have far surpassed my measly following, I was excited when I hit 500 followers on Twitter.

To my husband I said, “Guess what? I hit 500 on Twitter! Awesome, huh?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “That’s more people than will be in the service at church tomorrow.”

It was one of those moments–you know the kind–when words become physical and hit you in the face.

“That’s a lot of influence you have.”


How real is the accountability that comes with being a follower of Christ and having an influence, no matter how significant or insignificant we believe it to be.

What we say, what we Tweet– we have a choice. Will it be uplifting? Will it be positive? Will it be encouraging? Will it be a light of truth in a world of darkness?

No matter how many “followers” or “friends” or “subscribers” or co-workers, or friends, or classmates, or family members you have, you have influence.

Are you using your influence in a way that is enlightening, bringing joy to others?

Most of all, are you using your influence to point people to Him?

Share with me: In what ways do purposefully attempt to use social media in positive ways? In your everyday life, do you have something you do to try to be purposefully influential for Him?


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16 responses to “Reconsider Your Level of Influence

  1. Jessica R. Patch

    Excellent post today, Jennifer! I always try to bring faith to my social media sites, without being preachy. And no matter what I share, whether faith or just every day stuff, I try to be positive, fun and uplifting. Who wants to read groan-fests? I scroll right past those jokers. 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  2. I think I do this more by what I omit, what I don’t say. I know when I’ve hit a rough patch and I’m prone to spewing nasty stuff I just stay off line. I sift it through with God.

    I think before I tweet! 😀

    Congrats on 500! Like those fed by the few fish.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Ooo, great thoughts, Jenny. I try not to post things that are just me complaining. People don’t need to know about all the disappointing things, even if I’m seeking to be honest. I’m honest about those types of things on my blog, but it always comes with lessons learned. I think that’s what being a Christian is all about: taking the crap life can throw at us and learning what God wants us to learn from it, becoming more like Christ in the process. If we only ever talk about the crap, then how are we any different from the world?

    And so cool about the 500. I was excited to hit 300 last week! I remember fighting for just 20!

  4. I’m with you on this one all the way. I just hit 500 Facebook friends and I’ve been very conscious of my words on every update I’ve posted. I’ve had people message me and said things like: “Your posts always make me smile.” or “Your posts are the highlight of my newsfeed.” I love being an influencer for Christ – and even though I don’t post “preachy” comments, I always want to post something that is uplifting and positive. I’ve gone so far as to “hide” some friends and family who consistently post negative comments because I don’t want to see them. I don’t “unfriend” them – because even if I can’t see what they are writing, I still want them to see what I am writing. Words area powerful tools.

  5. Love this post, Jenny. And I love the reminder that we are influencers in what we do and in what we don’t do (thanks, Wendy Paine Miller, for that reminder!). I try to be a positive influencer by sharing the blogs that influence me the most — RTing them or posting them on my FB page or by joining the conversation.

  6. Hannah Joy

    I don’t use a ton of social sites, but in comments on blogs or emails I always try to be honest but also bring in solutions to problems–which is always God. I write about God as much as I can….He is my life, what can I say? Great post, Mrs. Hale!

  7. My followers are predominantly non-christian. I try to make sure everything I tweet / blog is something I can look Christ in the face and say “Conscience clear.”

  8. Hey y’all. Love your comments today. I’m actually away from regular computer access, so I can’t respond to each of you personally, but I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Makes me want to sing.
    “This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine…”

  9. There are very few times that I have unfriended someone… but I decided that if their posts conflicted with scripture and the walk that I aspire to have with my Father, and caused me to dwell on ungodly thoughts then they had to go. The friends that are left on my social media are truly important to me. From time to time I will read comments from individuals that are frustrated with negative comments; however, as Christ’s body are we not admonished to come along side a hurting brother or sister and help bear their pain or share their joys. So often in todays society we go to church with our masks on and no one would ever know that our heart was breaking. Is that truly what a Christian is called to be? I think not. So when I read a negative comment I take a moment to pray for that person. What a priviledge to pray for a brother or sister in Christ

  10. Jen, I loved this line:What we say, what we Tweet– we have a choice. Will it be uplifting? Will it be positive? Will it be encouraging? Will it be a light of truth in a world of darkness?

    Thanks for this reminder. I long to speak words that will light up the darkness. You’re a beautiful soul, you know that?

  11. Isn’t it funny how perspective can switch so quickly? Wow. What a good…and slightly scary…reminder. Suddenly all those “reach” statistics have a totally different flavor.

  12. So because I only have like 9 Twitter Followers are you saying I have no influence..hahaha! Just kidding! I felt that way when my Marion’s Photography FB Page hit 1,000+ Likers. I was blown away, and a yet a little scared at the number of people I don’t even know were keeping up with my work. Social media can be used for so much evil-and so much good-like with all things-it’s up to us how we use it. As the old saying goes, to much is given, much is required.

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