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Reconsider Your Level of Influence

Those of us who use social media sites because of our professional life can get a tad…focused…on numbers.

Number of page hits. Number of followers. Number of friend requests. Number of comments or contest entrants or subscribers.

Numbers mean a lot when you are trying to “brand” and build a base.

While I realize that many of you have been on Twitter forever and have far surpassed my measly following, I was excited when I hit 500 followers on Twitter.

To my husband I said, “Guess what? I hit 500 on Twitter! Awesome, huh?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “That’s more people than will be in the service at church tomorrow.”

It was one of those moments–you know the kind–when words become physical and hit you in the face.

“That’s a lot of influence you have.”


How real is the accountability that comes with being a follower of Christ and having an influence, no matter how significant or insignificant we believe it to be.

What we say, what we Tweet– we have a choice. Will it be uplifting? Will it be positive? Will it be encouraging? Will it be a light of truth in a world of darkness?

No matter how many “followers” or “friends” or “subscribers” or co-workers, or friends, or classmates, or family members you have, you have influence.

Are you using your influence in a way that is enlightening, bringing joy to others?

Most of all, are you using your influence to point people to Him?

Share with me: In what ways do purposefully attempt to use social media in positive ways? In your everyday life, do you have something you do to try to be purposefully influential for Him?


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