What Are The Birthday Traditions In Your Family?

My Little Man is turning three.

Sniff sniff. I can hardly believe that it’s been three years since our miracle baby came into the world.

Even though I’m weighed down by nostalgia with every birthday, it’s a fun time of celebration in our home.

It’s always been that way. I grew up in a home that allowed for fun birthday celebrations and we always had parties with friends. The parties always had a theme.

Some of the best parties I recall are my 50’s Theme party (age 10), my Hawaiian luau party (age 12), my surprise 18th birthday, and the surprise 25th birthday party that my husband threw for me. Those were all super-fun.

We have parties for our boys and usually invite friends and family. As they age, my boys want to invite more and more of their friends from school and church, and I’m totally okay with that. The more, the merrier.

My boys are allowed to choose their own themes for their parties, and we’ve done Thomas the Train (twice), Elmo, Sesame Street, Cookie Monster (yes, all three of those were separate parties), cowboys, Disney’s CARS, Power Rangers, and now, Super Hero Squad.

Decorations match the theme.

I make the cake. 

Yes, yes I do. I’m one of those moms. I’m one of those moms because I grew up with one of those moms. She always made our cakes and they were delicious and amazing. She set the bar really high.

I enjoy making my kid’s cake myself. Although, I will say that a bakery can do a much better job than I can, but I enjoy the challenge.

This year, Little Man has chosen to have a pool party at my parents’ house, and his theme is Super Hero Squad.

I’ve really struggled to find Super Hero Squad themed items for the party. The actual birthday party supplies for this theme are no longer made, so I’ve had to order some items from eBay and Amazon and do a little mixing and matching.

For the first time ever, I decided to order an edible image cake topper with the Super Hero Squad logo on it. After a more than a week of waiting, it came.

Only, instead of Super Hero Squad, they sent The Avengers.

Now, most of you might say, “What’s the big deal? They’re kind of the same thing.”

Nope. No, they aren’t. Super Hero Squad is a little more cartoonish, a little younger. Good for a three year old. The Avengers, as you well know, are all grown up.

So now I’m scrambling to create a cake I can make before Saturday. I think I’ve got some ideas. But just in case it’s not extra cute, I’ll have to make sure it’s extra delicious.

Share with me: What are the birthday traditions in your house? What are some great birthdays you remember and why?


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18 responses to “What Are The Birthday Traditions In Your Family?

  1. Jessica R. Patch

    My little man is 8 today! We’ve done bowling, pool parties, water parties, and this year, Incredible Pizza party. I am not one of those moms. But my friend is, and she’s making cupcakes.

    Happy Birthday to your little man! I’m sure the cake will be amazing!

  2. wendypainemiller

    Aw. Happy Birthday to your little guy! I’ve always admired moms who bake and design cakes. We make signs and put them up all over the house for the birthday kid (we even do it for mom and dad).
    ~ Wendy

  3. My mom always made a big deal about birthdays. She always threw great parties. One of my favorites was the pirate party when I was like 6 or so. We all dressed up like pirates and did a treasure hunt in the backyard (and of course, had those chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil!).

    My mom thought every year of life should be celebrated. I agree, and I’m carrying on that tradition! But I’m not as good at decorating, so I’ll probably get someone else to make the cake! Ha.

  4. I’m one of those moms who doesn’t make the cake — because I am a total failure at making cakes. So, I always find someone who makes wonderful cakes and then I go all out (think $$$) and let my kiddos pick whatever cake they want. And then I let my girls take a Wilton cake decorating class — and let them make the cakes.
    Another tradition –probably my favorite through the years — we share favorite memories of the birthday person. Lots of fun — produces both laughter and tears.

    • I’ve always wanted to take one of those cake decorating classes! I might just do that someday. I found a SUPER adorable cake online– 6 layers, each layer decorated like a different super hero. If only I had that talent. (Not even close!!)

  5. Gabrielle Meyer

    Happy birthday to your little man! One thing we do for our kiddos is have a large birthday party with all the family (aunts, uncles, grandparents & cousins) who bring a potluck item to share for supper. When supper is finishing up our friends begin to show up for cake and ice cream. This way everyone is together, but we don’t have to feed a large army. Our last party for the twins (who turned 2 in March) had over 60 people for cake and ice cream. It’s a lot of people, but I couldn’t imagine celebrating my kiddos without one of them. 🙂

    • WOW!!!!! You win mama of the year award! 60 people?? I can handle about half that, I think. 🙂

      • Gabrielle Meyer

        I can only handle it because my family brings most of the food and I don’t sweep my house before the party starts! 🙂 I was raised with a huge family, so it’s not much of a stretch for me to host 60 people. My husband, on the other hand, had a small family and it took him a good ten years to get used to all the people during holidays and birthday parties.

        • It sounds like A LOT of fun. 🙂 I love getting together with all the family members. My hubby’s family all lives in my town so we get to see them fairly often, but my family is scattered, so it can be difficult.

  6. Aleesha

    It’s birthday time for Savannah too! We are SO far from family, so she’s only just started having birthday parties the last three years – really since she’s been in school or other activities and has friends. (Though, depending on our summer schedule, sometimes she lucks out and gets a party in Georgia too!) And I’m one of *those* moms… I have always made the cake or cupcakes or whatever the birthday princess requests! This year, thankfully, I’ve lucked out with a request for a garden flower party. So tomorrow it’s dirt & worms in a big flower pot! 🙂

    I remember that surprise 18th birthday, btw. And all the dang balloons we blew up. And chubby bunny. I have such fond memories of parties at your house with the Queen Hostess, your momma! 🙂

  7. Amy Leigh Simpson

    My parents always made my birthday celebrations big…they used to joke and call it a birthday week. So in turn, I tend to go all out for my boys. We do themes like you, so far we did a cardinals home run derby with ball park food, rock and roll costume party, and winnie the pooh. and I usually make a fun cake to supplement the professional one my mother in law makes for her grandkids. Like a dirt cake or mini bumble bee cupcakes. I’m not perfect with the icing but they always taste good…and that’s what matters. 🙂 have fun!

  8. deb parmer

    Well, my little man turned 33 last month and following tradition he wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake that I do NOT make and of course that is just what he got!

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