Bright Side Blog Bash– Day 1!!!

Welcome to the Bright Side Blog Bash!!

Check out my very first VLOG below!! (and read below the vlog for some updates!)

Don’t forget to visit Lacie Nezbeth’s blog and enter to win her prizes, too!

Okay, a couple of things have changed since I recorded this video, so let me clear them up for you.


First off, winners for the books and book related prizes will now be announced DAILY instead of on Saturday. So if you want to win today’s prizes, make sure you enter in the comments below following the instructions in the vlog!

The winner for today’s prizes will be announced TOMORROW.


All the writing related prizes I have to offer are listed below. You may enter as many manuscripts as you like, but you only have to enter each one ONCE. You can enter on my blog OR on Lacie’s on any day of this week,  but in an effort to keep you from having to re-post the same blurb every day, we’ve decided to pool our writer-prizes and read over ALL the entries we get from you and hand out the writer prizes on SATURDAY.

So post your blurb and the other required info (mentioned in the vlog) and you could be selected to win ANY ONE of my writer-prizes OR any one of Lacie’s writer-prizes. Post each blurb and info once on any day this week.

Writers, we can’t wait to read your stuff!!

Announcing today’s prizes for readers!

Want to know more about these featured authors? 

Check out Katie Ganshert’s site or Dani Pettrey’s site.

Want to win one of these AMAZING prizes? Follow the instructions given in the vlog.

Once again, you can enter as many manuscripts as you like, but only enter each one ONCE. You may enter any day this week (Sept 17-21, 2012.) Winners will receive ONE of these prizes.

Good Luck, everyone!

Check back for tomorrow’s winners and don’t forget to visit Lacie’s Blog to enter her contest as well!!


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37 responses to “Bright Side Blog Bash– Day 1!!!

  1. Jessica R. Patch

    So much fun! Loved watching your vlog! 🙂

  2. Mary Preston

    I’m so pleased to be here. I enjoyed the vlog thank you. My favorite smell would be fresh bread, straight from the oven. It reminds me of visiting my Grandmother.

  3. Lori Dilworth

    What an exciting week. Not only am I excited about the Bright Side Blog Bash, but doubly excited about getting to see (and hear) Jenny (Jennifer) this week. My favorite smell would probably be “home.” Let me explain. I work really long hours and drive fairly far to attend school and get to work, but there is great comfort in walking in my home and it smelling familiar. My husband, in his sermon yesterday, shared that smells are where memory lives and I have really good memories being home! I love it when I walk in and my house smells like dinner cooking, I love it when I walk in and my house smells like cinnamon, I love to walk in and just smell my home. Alright, I think it is official – I’m crazy!

  4. deb parmer

    Freshly cut grass! Reminds me of my favorite season too…summer. I love the warm weather, but most of all I love summer because I get to spend lots of time with 2 of the most important people in my life….my precious grandsons, Grant and Connor!

  5. Um, AHHHH!! This is SO awesome!!!

    Okay, blurb time.

    “A Night in the Darkness”
    118,000 words.
    98% done.

    Some secrets are too dark to keep and too dangerous to tell.

    1894.Arizona Territory.
    Sarah Monroe is freed after 18 years of a horrible marriage to a violent man, and 2 years in an underground prison after he framed her for the murder of their 5 children and her mother. Her heart is broken, her body is scarred and her mind balances on a razor’s edge between unreachable despair and the joy of living life as a free woman. She travels to Arizona Territory to join her sister and it is there that she meets a widowed Navajo man. Will she allow him to love her back from her darkest nightmares or will her secrets push her to answer the devil’s whispers and dance alone in the dark with a Colt revolver?

  6. You are so stinkin’ cute (accent…yep, you’ve got it) and BEAUTIFUL!! Loved hearing you. And yes, we need to Skype. Seriously.

    Hope your blog bash is a smashing success. 😉

  7. I always thought from the picture on your blog that you were totally drop-dead gorgeous, and now I am even more convinced, seeing you more in action! 😀 And I think your accent is beautiful, by the way (but yes, you do have one;-))

    Ok, so I am totally scared to enter any writing ones, as I am totally an ameteur writer, so I’ll just enter the readers one.

    My favorite smell is the smell of rain. I love the smell of the rain itself, as well as wet earth, wet grass, and wet trees. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t have much else to say about it…’s just the most beautiful smell in the world. That, closely followed by the smell of my dad. 😀

  8. Mmmmm… you and Lacy are getting me hungry! Lacy asks favorite ice cream and now you want to now favorite smell — COFFEE of course :). I’m off to the kitchen now to indulge in some goodies 🙂

  9. Hi Jenny! Your first Vlog was a success! You continue to be an inspiration for the rest of us moms, writers, southern gals, God-seekers, etc! Keep up the good work! My favorite smell is that smell you get from the dryer vent when someone is doing laundry. I love walking by someone’s home and smelling that coming from their laundry room. There is nothing better than walking through my own home and smelling clean clothes, sheets, and towels. It just gives me warm fuzzies!! 🙂

  10. I love what you and Lacie are doing, Jenny. What a wonderful way to bring joy to many. You’ll be missed at the conference.

    One of my favorite smells is lavender. Love that fragrance!

  11. Becky Doughty

    What fun! I’m looking forward to all the things you two share with us this week! What a wonderful idea.

    I have Katie’s and Dani’s books so don’t enter me but just wanted to leave my encouragement today!


  12. Your first blog was super! What a blessing your Bright Side Blog Bash is going to be!

  13. How fun to hear your voice again! And *sniff* it makes me miss you at conference all the more. Love what you’re doing here.

  14. Jennifer, so cute, and join the SOUTHERN ACCENT CLUB! I think this Bright Side Bash idea was just brilliant, so all of us who can’t be at ACFW can just chill together and be supportive of our peeps. I have both books already, and I don’t need a crit right now! But my book’s about Vikings–more info on my blog, if anyone’s interested ( Will check out Lacey’s blog too!

  15. Marissa E.

    Yes, you do have a Southern accent! 🙂
    My favorite smell would have to be pine trees. We get a real tree every year for Christmas and I just LOVE the way it fills the house!

  16. Here is my writer’s entry since Mrs. Hale convinced me to do it.

    My book is set in a fictional world that closely resembles the Industrial Revolution time era. Just as a sort of intro. 🙂

    Elijah Jonk is a thirteen year old street kid who makes his living by playing an old, two stringed fiddle. He doesn’t know who his parents are, and can’t remember much of his younger childhood. His life is simply to play music–until he meets Ben Eddleman, a bright eleven year old, who drags him into a life that neither of them expected: working as spies for the egotistical and power-hungry Richard Price and his partner–who has much different objectives–James. Soon, Elijah is unwillingly caught in a mess of politics, familial roots, and destructive plots–when all he really wants to do is play the fiddle.

    *slightly embarassed* Don’t laugh too much.

    It is 17,850 words, currently.
    It is, I guess, fantasy, though there are no fantastical creatures and the world closely resembles ours (in the 1800s). Maybe realistic fiction? :-S

    It is very far from complete. If I had to give a percent, maybe 30%, and most of it needs to be totally rewritten anyway. So…yeah.

  17. Ummm, as a reader…and maybe I shouldn’t post here since I’m also a writer but…my favourite smell is…new baby. 🙂

  18. Jen, this is so fun! Thanks for hosting these giveaways! Oh, I have so many favorite smells, but I think freshly baked bread is one of my favorites as well.

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