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Bright Side Blog Bash– Day 1!!!

Welcome to the Bright Side Blog Bash!!

Check out my very first VLOG below!! (and read below the vlog for some updates!)

Don’t forget to visit Lacie Nezbeth’s blog and enter to win her prizes, too!

Okay, a couple of things have changed since I recorded this video, so let me clear them up for you.


First off, winners for the books and book related prizes will now be announced DAILY instead of on Saturday. So if you want to win today’s prizes, make sure you enter in the comments below following the instructions in the vlog!

The winner for today’s prizes will be announced TOMORROW.


All the writing related prizes I have to offer are listed below. You may enter as many manuscripts as you like, but you only have to enter each one ONCE. You can enter on my blog OR on Lacie’s on any day of this week,  but in an effort to keep you from having to re-post the same blurb every day, we’ve decided to pool our writer-prizes and read over ALL the entries we get from you and hand out the writer prizes on SATURDAY.

So post your blurb and the other required info (mentioned in the vlog) and you could be selected to win ANY ONE of my writer-prizes OR any one of Lacie’s writer-prizes. Post each blurb and info once on any day this week.

Writers, we can’t wait to read your stuff!!

Announcing today’s prizes for readers!

Want to know more about these featured authors? 

Check out Katie Ganshert’s site or Dani Pettrey’s site.

Want to win one of these AMAZING prizes? Follow the instructions given in the vlog.

Once again, you can enter as many manuscripts as you like, but only enter each one ONCE. You may enter any day this week (Sept 17-21, 2012.) Winners will receive ONE of these prizes.

Good Luck, everyone!

Check back for tomorrow’s winners and don’t forget to visit Lacie’s Blog to enter her contest as well!!


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