A New Grand Prize Winner in the Blog Bash!!

A very special announcement! We have a new winner for the Bright Side Blog Bash GRAND PRIZE!

Congratulations to Karen Lange!!

Karen, please contact me asap! Can’t wait for you to get these amazing prizes, and thanks so much for your participation in the Blog Bash!!

Ladies and gents, I’m so sorry that my posting has been a little sporadic lately. As you all know, I recently announced that I’m expecting, and unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from some pretty dabilitating morning sickness. To cap it off, my doctors are monitoring a minor pregnancy issue (no worries– the baby is fine) that requires me to “take it easy”. Ha! I’m still not sure how to do that with 2 boys and a hubby to take care of.

Anyway, most days I just haven’t felt like doing much, so I haven’t. Forgive me.  I’m really hoping that my energy will return soon, that I’ll be able to eat like a normal human, and that this little baby will give me a break from the sickness.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. I appreciate all of you so much!


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8 responses to “A New Grand Prize Winner in the Blog Bash!!

  1. Wow, Jennifer, what a nice surprise! Thank you so much. This is a great way to start the weekend. 🙂

    Hope the morning sickness eases soon. Will be praying for you. Congratulations on the soon to be new addition!

    Many thanks and blessings,

  2. Karen,

    You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy!

  3. bethkvogt

    Take it easy, my friend. The pregnancy is the priority right now!

  4. I’m so sorry you’re still dealing with morning sickness. Take care of yourself.

  5. Ganise

    Praise the Lord. Congrats Karen!

    Jennifer I’ll keep praying! I’m trusting God to deliver your little miracle safe and sound — and of course for YOU to come out of all of this it safe and sound!

    My sincere congrats again.



  6. Mary Preston

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

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