One Word for 2013

Let me begin with a big, giant HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So, a bunch of us “blogger-types” have been blogging this week about our ONE word for 2013. Rather than making resolutions (that I never, ever keep) I’ve decided to jump on this bandwagon because I love the idea.

One word that focuses my year. One word that drives me. One word that defines my thinking, my prayer life, my worship, and my daily tasks. My one word for 2013 is–


It’s a command. It’s a challenge. It’s exciting. It’s hopeful.

I blogged recently about commitment being one of the life lessons I want my sons to learn and ever since that post, this word keeps nagging my brain. Some of you may look at this word, take it at face value and think, “okay, she’s going to commit to writing. Or Bible study. Or a new task…or something.”

But actually, this word means a whole lot more to me this year.

I have a nasty habit of living my life for tomorrow. I’m always thinking about what’s ahead, always looking down the road to the next step or stage of my life, always worrying about how to get there, how to make it great, and how to enjoy it. So much so that I’m missing the NOW.

So in 2013, I’m committing to NOW.

I’m committing to the moments of NOW– each one precious, each one filled with a messy house, pregnancy symptoms, moments of laughter, joy, my sons, my husband, my family, the addition that will soon arrive in our family, writing, laughing, loving, reading, studying, BEING.

I’m committing to these moments.

2012 was a scant year for writing for me, so I’m committing wholeheartedly to that, too. I’m committing to finding God in each part of my life, in every moment that He has ordained.

I think this word for 2013 will help me focus on all aspects of my life; where commitment needs to be stronger, where my commitments need to change my priorities, and how committing to the moment will change me.

I’m committing to being the woman God has created me to be, and I’m going to let that influence every aspect of my life.

I’m excited about this word!!

Share with me: What’s your one word for 2013?

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15 responses to “One Word for 2013

  1. Mary Preston

    Happy New Year!!

    My word would have to be PEACE.

  2. Marion

    The beginning of December, God gave me a verse that I knew would be my 2013 verse. “Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God.”-1 Chronicles 22:19
    I guess you could say my word is “devotion”. 🙂

  3. I hope you and your have a wonderful 2013!

    My word’s “composure”. 2012 was a dreadful year, and ended in sorrow. I could not change the events, but if I stabilize my sol against the gusts of emotion I can at least find a measure of peace.

  4. So awesome, J! 🙂 My word is REJOICE. I’m aiming to rejoice no matter what 2013 holds (my verse is Phil. 4:4).

  5. Commit … it’s a grand word! And I love how you are embracing it.
    My one word is “Confidence” — and I am excited to see how God changes me as I use this word as a lens for 2013.

  6. My word for the year is “Established”. God is calling me to become more rooted and established in his love (Eph 3:17-18). I wrote about it here:

  7. Jessica R. Patch

    A wonderful word, Jennifer! I’m excited for you. My one word is JOY and I’m excited to see what all that word means in my life. Happy New Year!

  8. Great thoughts, Jenny.
    My word…words…I can’t decide…’jump’ and ‘precipice’. Both for obvious reasons.

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