Not a Fan– January 2013 Edition

Once in a while a list begins to form in my mind of things of which I am not a fan. Just for fun, I thought I’d share some with you for this month.

1. This commercial. Why can’t they comb that girl’s hair? Every time I see this commercial I get annoyed that she has major bed-head. Who thought that was good marketing strategy?

2. Coke. Yes, Coke. It’s gross. My husband drinks it by the gallon (pun intended). I like other soft drinks, but the King of Cola is not my favorite. Ick.


3. Legos. I know they are all about developing my child’s tactile learning skills, etc., but have you ever stepped on one of these? And with a baby on the way all I can think of is the choking hazard should he accidentally get his little hand on one of these when he becomes a crawler. Yeah. Not a fan.


4. These dolls. Bratzillas. I think it’s all implied in the name. It’s things like this that make me so glad I have sons.


5. This book. I’ve tried 134 times to read it. I can’t get past chapter 2. Maybe the movie will be better????

The Host

6. Finding Bigfoot. There are a lot of TV shows that highlight the stupidity of America, but I think this has to be at the top, right up there with Honey Boo Boo. Sadly, my hubby is a big fan of this show. (Bigfoot, not Boo Boo).


7. Am I the ONLY American that didn’t get on the Gangnam Style train? That song is annoying. Or I’m officially old.


Share with me: What’s at the top of your NOT A FAN list right now?

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20 responses to “Not a Fan– January 2013 Edition

  1. Well, there are good things about living in a never-ending 1960s after all! (I mean, aside from the Joh Lennon glasses and the tie-dyed shirts I wear)

    I’ve never heard of a lot of this stuff. But there are things of which I am not a fan –

    1) SmartCars – I used to be an EMT, and the only saving grace of these things is that you would not need the jaws of life to extract the victims; a pair of pliers would do. Of course, there wouldn’t be much worth extracting iafter any significant collision.

    2) Cell phones – why can’t people wait intil they reach a telephone to make a call…and is the Internet so compelling that you have to take it with you wherever you go? I think not.

    3) Starbucks – after decades of life and thousands of franchisees, they still can’t make a cup of coffee whose aftertaste does not remind me of siphoning gasoline with a hose.

    I’d better stop, before I set the rest of the world back 50 years.

    • Lol!! I 100% agree with you about SmartCars. They are little caskets on wheels! I also get irritated with folks who check their phones every 5 seconds. Hubby and I don’t pay for internet access on our cell phones. As for Starbucks, I’d agree, except that I don’t like coffee, so I almost never go there unless it’s to buy a gift certificate for someone else.

    • Who’s Joh Lennon? You OLD PEOPLE forget so many things…

  2. Kat Hill

    Ugggh that stinkin’ song and stinkin’ dance!! I did try to deal with it because I figured it was going to be everywhere like it is, but it drives me nuts!! I was hoping once they came out with that info about him being anti-American back in the day that we would pull together as a nation and not promote him… Sigh…

  3. On legos under the toes…NOT a good feeling! I saw a picture on pinterest…a little boy is sitting on his bed and ALL across his bedroom floor is strewn with legos. Piles and PILES of legos. The caption is: Yeah, you need to spank me, but I dare you to get over here. 😉

    With a brother with legos, oh the pain!

    • Holy moly. I would go mad in a house full of Legos. My oldest is just now getting into them and I don’t want to discourage him, but we’re learning to keep them put away so Mommy won’t scream words she doesn’t mean when she steps on one. Stepping Thomas the Train is bad enough.

  4. When on earth would they have time to brush that little girl’s hair? She never stops …
    And Gahgnam or Ganghman … I’ve seen it spelled both ways. I’ve never listened to it. Does it sound as awkward as it looks?

    I am so not a fan of people texting while they are talking — to me or anyone else.
    Just. Don’t. Do. It.

    But, um, I love Coke.

    • You and my hubby– y’all keep Coke in business. 🙂 I have no idea which is the correct way to spell the name of that song…and I bet you can guess how much I care. lol. As for that girl, someone needs to Is it weird that it bothers me that much?

  5. You are too cute! Agreed on the Legos…and I’ve never seen the Gahgnam Style thingie…perhaps I shouldn’t watch, even to soothe my curiosity?

    I love Coke Zero but have decided to try to give up soft drinks. We’ll see how that goes…

    And what am I not a fan of? All the slow people in Costco, especially since they have huge carts. So hard to maneuver!

    And seafood…I don’t get the appeal. Smells and tastes horrible. Blech. Good thing I don’t live on the coast somewhere!

  6. Jessica R. Patch

    LOL! I think they might have brushed her hair but the covers, astronaut helmet and goggles ruined it! My daughter’s hair looked just like that when she was that age, only 10X longer. Ha!

    I’m definitely with you on the legos. Apparently the creators never stepped on one, pulled one from a toilet, or vacuumed one up.

    I happened to like the Host. But I admit I was terribly confused for the first two chapters, but after about chapter 3 it started making sense and then I really enjoyed it.

    I am not a fan of puppy pads. Just sayin. I don’t want to walk into my house and see a yellow stained white mat…anywhere in my house. Just take the dog out! I’m sure many will disagree. 🙂

    Fun, fun, fun!

  7. Ugh. I am a teenager and I cannot STAND Gangnam Style! Has to be THE MOST awkward song/video EVER. *smacks forehead*

    As for OTHER things I’m not a fan of…

    The TV. Right now I just can’t stand it. I hate it so much, especially because I have two younger brothers, so when my dad’s out of the room, I definitely feel the responsibility to keep a good hold on the remote. I mostly prefer movies. You can make sure they’re clean before you watch them (sometimes there are surprises, which stinks, but you can usually find what you need online without spoiling the whole movie).

    Soda in general. Call me crazy, but I can’t stand it, unless it is a root beer float or something to tone down the carbonation.

    The school system that takes every chance to say that Christians are behind the times losers. I know that we are supposed to rejoice in struggles and that we will be fools in the worlds eyes, but sometimes it does get a little old.

  8. Carolyn Bingham

    I totally disagree with you regarding coke. I have a love affair going with it but it is limited to one and a day and I know I have to cut back even more.

    Things I am not a fan of
    1. Car carts at Publix. My boys love them but I can’t stand them.
    2. Twilight and Hunger Games. I just can’t get into them. I am definitely old. I have been old since I was 18.
    3. Parents who act like they don’t see their kids doing annoying, obnoxious, and rude things. All kids do them. Don’t pretend yours don’t. I know mine do.

  9. Okay, this just goes to show how similar we are…again! 🙂 And for the record someone mentioned the whole gangnam thing to me yesterday and I had no idea what they were talking about. Had to youtube it and sat there stupefied that people choose to look/act like that! Hmmm.

  10. I have 38 tonnes of Lego in my house. And the 18 year old still plays with them on occasion.Costco carts SMACK IN THE MIDDLE of the AISLE!!!!!!!!!
    Poorly behaved children. Poorly behaved parents. People who drive 10 below the speed limit. Pepsi. Diet Pepsi. The colours of Pepsi. Pepsi in a can. Liquid Pepsi. Honey Boo Boo’s mother.

  11. I am SO GLAD I’m not the only one who thought Gangnam Style was pointless.

  12. Ganise

    ‘Am I the ONLY American that didn’t get on the Gangnam Style train? That song is annoying. Or I’m officially old.’
    Thank you very much. I do agree with you. I’m Canadian AND quite young.

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