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Not a Fan– January 2013 Edition

Once in a while a list begins to form in my mind of things of which I am not a fan. Just for fun, I thought I’d share some with you for this month.

1. This commercial. Why can’t they comb that girl’s hair? Every time I see this commercial I get annoyed that she has major bed-head. Who thought that was good marketing strategy?

2. Coke. Yes, Coke. It’s gross. My husband drinks it by the gallon (pun intended). I like other soft drinks, but the King of Cola is not my favorite. Ick.


3. Legos. I know they are all about developing my child’s tactile learning skills, etc., but have you ever stepped on one of these? And with a baby on the way all I can think of is the choking hazard should he accidentally get his little hand on one of these when he becomes a crawler. Yeah. Not a fan.


4. These dolls. Bratzillas. I think it’s all implied in the name. It’s things like this that make me so glad I have sons.


5. This book. I’ve tried 134 times to read it. I can’t get past chapter 2. Maybe the movie will be better????

The Host

6. Finding Bigfoot. There are a lot of TV shows that highlight the stupidity of America, but I think this has to be at the top, right up there with Honey Boo Boo. Sadly, my hubby is a big fan of this show. (Bigfoot, not Boo Boo).


7. Am I the ONLY American that didn’t get on the Gangnam Style train? That song is annoying. Or I’m officially old.


Share with me: What’s at the top of your NOT A FAN list right now?

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