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What Your Character’s Wheels Say About How He Rolls

I read an article the other day that stated that you can tell a lot about a woman’s personality based on her shoes.

I think that’s probably true. But I believe the same is true about a vehicle.

I drive a car similar to this one.

Toyota Highlander

I love my small SUV. I’ve got kids, so it’s big enough to hold us and all our stuff. And I will not drive a mini-van. I will not.

You can tell a lot about a character in a book based on what kind of vehicle they drive.

When I write, I take a little bit of time to consider my character’s method of transportation, because it needs to fit with his or her personality.

It’s an important part of character development. If you write your character with well defined traits, you can throw off your reader if you don’t have those traits match the physical things in your character’s world.

For example, my highfaluting snob of a business exec isn’t going to drive a 4-wheel drive pick-up with mud flaps.

Here are some vehicles with personalities to match for your consideration.

The Audi TT Coupe. For the spy in your life. He’s mysterious with a need for speed.




The Ford F-150. For the rugged outdoorsman. Cowboy-esque.







The Subaru Outback. For the granola-loving hiker who tends to see overabundance everywhere.





The Toyota Prius. For the up-and-coming businessman who’s also an environmentalist.





The Jaguar XJ. For the CEO, lawyer, or wanna be.








What about the ladies?

The Chrysler Town and Country. It screams Soccer Mom.





The Honda Accord. For the practical young woman who still wants to remain stylish.





  The Honda CRV. A small SUV that says “I don’t need a man, but if I find one, there’s room for kids.”






Share with me: Two questions for you today. 1. Pick a recent manuscript. What do your hero and heroine drive, and what do the vehicles you’ve chosen for them say about their personalities? 2. What do YOU drive and what does it say about you?


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