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You Might Be A Christian Atheist If…

As many of you know, I’m  a big fan of studying theology and religions, especially my own, Christianity.

As a born-again believer in Christ, I consider myself a disciple who struggles daily to be more Christ-like.

A while back, I was browsing in the Christian bookstore when I came across a book that caught my eye–

The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel

Believing in God but Living Like He Doesn’t Exist

I added it to be TBR list, excited because I thought, Finally! Maybe this book will help me understand why so many of the people I know are in church on Sunday morning, but are making choices that are so contrary to Biblical teachings every other moment of the week.

With promos from authors and theologians like Francis Chan, Andy Stanley and Dave Ramsey, among others, I was really thinking that this book was going to support my right to be angry and frustrated with some of the people in my life.

When I got the book, I dove in, expecting to be fist pumping in agreement with Groeschel’s assessment of why so many acknowledge God but live like he doesn’t exist.

But instead of fist pumping and nodding along in agreement, ladies and gents, I sat in stunned silence as my eyes moved over the pages–convicted.


I realized that I, too,  am a Christian Atheist.

Are you a Christian Atheist, believing in God, but living like he doesn’t exist?

A Christian Atheist is someone who believes in God, but doesn’t really know him. A Christian Atheist is someone who believes in God, but isn’t sure He loves you. A Christian Atheist is someone who:

  • Believes in God but not in prayer
  • Believes in God but doesn’t think He’s fair
  • Believes in God but won’t forgive
  • Believes in God but doesn’t think He can change you
  • Believes in God but still worries all the time** (This one really, really hit me hard)
  • Believes in God but pursues happiness at any cost
  • Believes in God but trusts more in money
  • Believes in God but doesn’t share his or her faith
  • Believes in God but not in His church

This book has really opened my eyes to my own Christian Atheism.

I’m going to dedicate a few blog posts to some of the points that have brought me pause. I have no doubt that they’ll speak to you, too.

If you are looking for a good read, check out this book. You won’t be sorry.

Share with me: Which of those points above about Christian Atheists interests you the most?



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