I’m Tired of Giving

I give. I give and give and give and give.

I give of Time. Money. Ability. Friendship. Experience. Talents. Food. Help. Love.

I give until I think there’s going to be nothing left.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I get anything back.

I see others, others who appear to give far less than I, who seem to get so much more.

They get Time. Money. Ability. Friendship. Experience. Talent. Food. Help. Love.

I give. They get.

I’m tired. I pout. I decide life isn’t fair.

I question why I give and give and give and give, and get nothing.

And He speaks.

My child, you give because I have commanded you. I, who have Given all.

Just once, I’d like to be a getter, too.

Then I hear these words, human words from the mouth of the shepherd of our flock.

“Your level and capacity to love is a reflection of the Spirit working in your life.”

I am rebuked. I am repentant.

I am refocused. I am renewed.

Spirit work. Spirit move. Spirit pour out, so that I may give as He gave.

For I am reminded that in him, I have received Everything.

Share with me: What’s the most recent example you can recall of when someone was able to help or minister to you unexpectedly?


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11 responses to “I’m Tired of Giving

  1. wendypainemiller

    Our pastor’s sermon ministered to me recently and I bet he’s wiped out most of the time.

  2. Onya

    Yesterday, my pastor’s sermon was titled, “What are You doing?” The overall message was about how we become so consumed with the things in our lives that we are too busy to do the work of God. I felt like he was speaking directly to me. LOL. Of course I had an attitude at first, but after reflecting, I realized it was true and I must do better.

  3. Ooo, friend. Good stuff. Sometimes we can get so focused on the unfairness of life, can’t we? But in the end, God sees our hearts. I want mine to be pure, unpolluted. About a month ago, I was having a horrible week. A friend of mine–who is just as busy, if not busier, with two little ones–offered to bring me dinner. Her generosity astounded me.

    • That’s amazing generosity. Awesome. Exactly what we should strive to do and be–above and beyond our own needs. Sometimes it’s hard, but you’re right– our focus has to change.

  4. Ooh, Jennifer, this is so wonderful. So resonated with this: I’m tired. I pout. I decide life isn’t fair.

    Yeah, I hear you. I get to that point, at times, too. And it’s then I’m always reminded comparing myself, my level of giving and getting, to anyone else never has happy results. 🙂

    But your last line is the solution to all–in Christ we DO get everything. The playing field is completely level there. His love for all of us evens out every seemingly uneven circumstance…even when I’m not necessarily “feeling it.” If I can just cling to His love, His presence, His awesomeness…

  5. Two christian mamas have been blogging recently (one a dear, old friend, one a stranger to me, but a sister-in-jesus) about their adoption stories. While I’m not ‘called’ to adopt, the fact that both of them have been so raw and unguarded has simultaneous encouraged me and challenged me. Their hearts are in DEEP pain right now, but they see God in every detail and turn to him with every wound.

    It is encouraging to watch people ‘getting’ from God – and reminds me that He’s worth more than everything else this world / family / life has to offer. So they have ministered to me without even knowing it!

  6. Love your honesty, Jennifer! This post is so fitting since I’ve been reflecting on the verse, “freely you have received; freely give.”

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