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I’m Tired of Giving

I give. I give and give and give and give.

I give of Time. Money. Ability. Friendship. Experience. Talents. Food. Help. Love.

I give until I think there’s going to be nothing left.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I get anything back.

I see others, others who appear to give far less than I, who seem to get so much more.

They get Time. Money. Ability. Friendship. Experience. Talent. Food. Help. Love.

I give. They get.

I’m tired. I pout. I decide life isn’t fair.

I question why I give and give and give and give, and get nothing.

And He speaks.

My child, you give because I have commanded you. I, who have Given all.

Just once, I’d like to be a getter, too.

Then I hear these words, human words from the mouth of the shepherd of our flock.

“Your level and capacity to love is a reflection of the Spirit working in your life.”

I am rebuked. I am repentant.

I am refocused. I am renewed.

Spirit work. Spirit move. Spirit pour out, so that I may give as He gave.

For I am reminded that in him, I have received Everything.

Share with me: What’s the most recent example you can recall of when someone was able to help or minister to you unexpectedly?


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