We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Hey all.

Maybe you’ve noticed and maybe you haven’t, but my web presence has been a little wonky in the last week.

I suppose I had visions of grandeur that I’d be able to schedule time for everything in my life, but I’ve added something new and it’s absorbing most of my time right now.

I’ve taken a position with an online university, helping to re0rganize and re-vamp their history courses.

This puts my history and education degrees to good use while I’m not in the classroom, brings in a little extra cash, and cuts deeply into my writing time, both for blogging and novel-writing.

But it’s temporary.

I’m having a lot of fun diving back into writing curriculum and just being in the world of teaching history, which is one of my great loves.

So while I’m working on that, my blog posts are going to be much fewer and farther between, at least until the end of the summer.

Like I said, I had visions of grandeur.

But I want to be able to do a good job on this project, enjoy the last few weeks of summer with my family (school starts around here at the beginning of August) and produce posts that I’ve actually put time and thought into.

So for now, please forgive me if my posts are sparse and my Tweets are more infrequent that usual (some might actually celebrate that…).

I’d love for you to connect with me on Facebook (click on the link to the right) and make sure you are following me on Twitter (@JenniferKHale). I know I’ll be on both of those for at least a few minutes most days.

And I’ve got some GREAT blog post ideas for when I return to my regular schedule.

Until then, I’ll be working hard, hopefully packing in a trip to visit my sister in Nashville, taking my boys to see The Wiggles in concert, and playing chauffeur for soccer camp and swimming lessons and all the other activities we’ve got going on.

Happy Summer, all!

Share with me: What fun events are left on your summer calendar? When does school start in your area?


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15 responses to “We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming…

  1. Congrats on the new project. It sounds interesting. We’re heading to Kentucky in a few weeks to visit my inlaws. Then we’re driving to Texas for a little family vacation.

  2. That’s so neat about what you’re doing now. I work in a university curriculum department, so I work with subject matter experts to create curriculum. I do the project managing and editing. 🙂

    My biggest summer plan is over (my cruise), but I’m looking forward to a quick trip in August to see my grandparents. I’m also starting my next novel, so I’m excited about that. Oh, the possibilities! 🙂

  3. We get out late and start late here. Not until Sept. I hope you enjoy your university work. Love working at universities.

    • If we didn’t start in early Aug, I think all the kids around here would melt and get heat stroke. 🙂 I don’t love starting that early, but it’s what we do. I can’t believe how quickly this summer is going!!

  4. bethkvogt

    I’ve missed you — but it certainly sounds like you’re having fun! My daughter gets married in 9 days … I think I’ll be AWOL in just a few days myself!

  5. Yay for jobs that utilize your skills and education! School doesn’t start here until the day after Labor Day, so we have seven more weeks of vacation with lots of days at the lake planned.

  6. School ended June 22nd and starts up after LaboUr Day.
    The kids have got camp all through July. In 2 weeks, my eldest son is off to Toronto for a week of courses to determine whether or not he’ll be in the Royal Canadian Air FOrce. GAH!!!!!
    In August we’ll head up to Ontario to spend time at The Ontario Camp of the Deaf. My husband’s parents are both profoundly deaf and helped start the camp in the early ’60’s. He’s 95 , she’s 85, the just celebrated their 65th anniversary.
    And yes, it is very quiet at Deaf Camp. 😉

    I’m off to Oklahoma/New Mexico/Arizona next week (yes, the desert in July) for a research trip for my book. I’m hoping to rendezvous with Lindsay Harrel, maybe we should take side by side photos of our phosphorescentness.

  7. Hey Jenny Girl, I am no stranger to falling off the map and being totally sparce online. Life happens and it amazes me how much everyone else can juggle with daily blogs, tweeting, constant fb updates, all while writing, editing, and running a home. Sometimes I am amazed that I get any writing done at all!

    Our summer is pretty laid back. Not too much on the actual itinerary other than the everyday chaos. My hubby did just suprise me with a weekend trip to Chicago… without the kids. It was awesome!

    Have a great rest of the summer!

  8. i’m still able to pump out my posts…usually within a few hours on saturday or sunday. i totally get you taking some time off, though! i feel such pressure not to, though….ugh. catch 22. in a very real way for me. but kudos to you! give me a shout out sometime. i miss you friend.

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