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Vlog Book Review of Grave Consequences by Lisa Bergren & A Travel Memory


Grave Consequences (Book 2 of The Grand Tour Series) by Lisa T. Bergren — 5 stars. Loved it.

Romance, history, travel, mystery– this book has it all. I wish I had written this series. It is perfection!

Book 1 of the series is called Glamorous Illusions. Also 5 stars.

Lisa Bergren is at the top of my list of beloved authors. She should be at the top of yours, too.

Watch the vlog to hear me tell of one of my craziest memories from a trip to Europe.

Share with me: What’s a favorite memory you have from a vacation or trip?

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Is It Okay To ____?

I’m starting a new semi-regular series here on the blog called Is It Okay To ____?

We’re going to fill in the blank with anything and everything that you want to know.

The plan is that I’ll give my response to the question, but more than just my opinion, I want you to share your opinion so that we can start a discussion.

So, I need your questions. Is it okay to _____? can include questions on the subjects of writing, reading, parenting, relationships, romance, house-wifery duties, the daily Christian walk, pregnancy and pretty much anything else you can think of.

So send ’em my way and I’ll get started on creating a discussion about them. Send your questions for this series to jenniferkhale@gmail.com. That’s jenniferkhale (at) gmail (dot) com.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

**For now, we’ll begin with this one:

Is it okay to give an honestly negative review of a book I didn’t enjoy?

This is a difficult situation many of us find ourselves in– we read a book, don’t care for it for one of a zillion different reasons, yet as writers we might know the author and not want to hurt feelings, and as readers we might not want to bother with the trouble of logging on to various websites to leave a review, especially if it’s negative.

So what to you think?

Share with me: Is it okay to give an honestly negative review of  a book you didn’t enjoy?



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