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The First Time I Fell in Love

I was listening to the Adult Contemporary station on the Sirius XM radio this morning and the song “All For Love” by Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart came on.  Immediately I was transported back to 1993 and the first time I fell in love.

And when I say I fell in love, I mean it.  I fell hard.  I went to see the movie “The Three Musketeers.”  You remember it.  It starred a pre-psychotic break Charlie Sheen, pre-superhuman government agent Kiefer Sutherland, a not-so-much smaller than he is now Oliver Platt, and the first man I ever loved, Chris O’Donnell.  *Dreamy Sigh*

In all of my 13 years, I had never seen a man so wonderful, handsome, charming, and utterly amazing as Chris O’Donnell was to me the first time I saw the film.  Oh, I’d had several TV crushes before, but nothing compared to the heart-fluttering, knee weakening, butterflied stomach feeling he gave me.  I saw the movie in the theater 4 times.  I cut his pictures out of those teen magazines and taped them to my closet door.  And according to my mother, I wrote him a letter.  (I don’t remember that though- I think my adult self has chosen to block that out.  The rest of it is enough humiliation.)  And “All For Love” became “our” song. I bought the movie as soon as it was released (yes, I still have the VHS I purchased).  I remember staring at those pictures of him thinking that if he could just meet me, he’d be so amazed at how awesome I was.  I didn’t factor in my crazy-stalker behavior or the fact that he was in his 20s.  None of that mattered.  All that mattered was that I was hopelessly in love.  Don’t ask me to explain it.  It defies explanation.

As the years passed I found many more celebrities to crush on, but I’ll always think fondly of Chris.  Believe it or not, I don’t even watch NCIS (is that the show he’s on now?), nor do I purposefully see a movie because he’s in it.  But I’ll always remember that he was my first love.

I think that’s what I find so fun about writing romantic fiction.  With each story I get to recall those feelings of excitement that come with new love.  I get to feel those butterflies, experience the weak knees, and sigh over the pure cheesy romance of it when the spark happens between my characters.

There’s nothing as wonderful as being in a committed, loving relationship (y’all know I’m very happily married), but there’s a little rush of joy that comes with writing about people falling in love for the first time.  And if I need inspiration, I’ll listen to “All for Love” and think of my favorite D’Artagnan. 

Who was your first love?


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What I’ve Gotten from My Dad – So Far

Happy Father’s Day!  In honoring my own wonderful Daddy, I want to share with you the things he’s given me in my life – so far.

– My blue eyes.
– My love of history.  We like to bore the rest of the family to tears discussing historical events & religion.  It’s awesome.  Family dinners are a blast (well, not so much for the non-history lovers).
– A sense of duty- my dad served our country in the Army for over 20 years.
– A sense of patriotism.  He loves this country more than anyone I know, and still gets choked up when he talks about those who’ve sacrificed their lives serving it.
– A wicked sense of humor.  At first glance, he appears to be a quiet, reserved man, but he has the most hilarious sense of humor that appears when one least expects it.  I’ll never forget one particular night (maybe 15 years ago or more) when he made me laugh until I cried.  “Thank you, Air Force.”  He’s made me laugh until I’ve cried a lot of times since.
– Driving lessons.  With white knuckles and a sweating brow, he taught me to drive.  I still hear his voice in my head when I’m on the road- he’s usually telling me that I’m following too closely.
– Security- I used to hate it when I was a kid and he’d walk with his hand on the back of my neck.  It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that there are a bazillion security risks you take with your kids daily, and I now often walk with my hand on the back of my son’s neck.
– Integrity- my daddy has more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their entire bodies.  He taught me that doing the right thing is more important than being right.
– A love of fishing.
– How to pray- my daddy uses every opportunity to pray for those whom he loves.  It’s inspiring.
– The love of our Savior- he has always been a great example of Christ’s unconditional love.  What a blessing to me and to my own children.
– Car maintenance.  My daddy takes exceptional care of his vehicles.  I’m embarrassed when he sees the inside of my car trashed out.
– A sense of service.  My daddy is the kind of man who will drop whatever he’s doing and help you with anything.  Whether it’s changing a tire or giving you the shirt off his back, he’s always willing to help.
– Faith- throughout many ups and downs in his life, never once has my dad doubted the love and faithfulness of the God he serves wholeheartedly. 

Daddy, you’ve taught me many other things, and I’m certain that I’ll learn even more from you.  Thank you for being a wonderful father and grandfather.  I love you so much.  And thank you for letting me use your chest as a table for my tea parties when I was little. 

Readers- what lessons have you learned from your father or what special memories do you have with your dad?

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Happily Ever Irreconcilable Differences

I remember parts of that day as though it happened only hours ago.  I remember that it was a sticky-humid late spring day in Georgia, which means that the thunderclouds were rolling in just in time for the wedding to begin.  I remember how excited I was to be getting married.  I remember that my stomach was in knots because I still wasn’t sure that my parents were 100% on board with the whole idea, because my idea of exerting my independence was to get married, yet they were supporting me.  I remember being the “good” kind of nervous.  I remember bits and pieces of the ceremony and reception vividly, but truthfully, the whole thing went by so quickly that all I really remember was the feeling of pride- I was so proud of myself for getting through the whole day without once thinking that I acted like an idiot.

And when the wedding was over, the marriage began.  The excitement of being married eventually segued into the reality of being married.  Times were fun, times were hard.  I learned about many of  my husband’s…idiosyncrasies and he learned about mine (although I prefer to call them perfection-isms).  I learned about what it’s like to live together and share everything.  I learned that he just might be OCD, but only about certain things.  I learned what meals were his favorite.  I learned how to fit with his family, and he learned how to fit with mine.

And together we learned all about our irreconcilable differences.  He’s a night owl and I am totally a morning person.  He likes to eat processed food- Vienna sausages, squeeze-e-cheese, meat sticks.  I like fresh fruit and vegetables.  He won’t go to the doctor unless he’s close to death.  I have regular check-ups.  He doesn’t like to balance the checkbook.  I have to know where every single penny is going.  He is more spontaneous, while I’m a planner.  He doesn’t sing; I sing ALL the time.  He avoids conflict to the point of causing problems while I face it head on- to the point of causing problems.  He loves cats.  I hate cats.  I love mushrooms and he won’t touch them.  His car is full of cups, trash, clothes, and stuff from work.  I keep mine cleaned out regularly.  He can run miles and not break a sweat; I love to exercise but hate to run.  He’s obsessed with watching TV in HD, while picture quality has no bearing on my TV enjoyment.  He forgets to put the trash by the road about 80% of the time, and I have no trouble remembering trash day.  And as our children grow and mature, we discover other ways in which my hubby and I are different.  Want to guess who has to be “Bad Cop” the majority of the time?

But divorce has never been an option for us.  We decided before we married that divorce would never enter our marriage vocabulary, and although we’ve had our share of “trouble” spots, never have we actually considered ending our marriage.  (Okay, to be honest, there was one time when I bluffed leaving. His cat was having urinary tract problems and decided to have them only on my belongings.  That cat hated me, and I was not fond of it.  Although the cat had been part of my husband’s life since he was 11, I told him that it was me or the cat.  Yay for me.  An ultimatum.  So my hubby went into the attic and got a suitcase down and gave it to me.  Yeah, you could call that a backfire.  And so I continued to put up with the cat until two years later when the poor thing finally died.)  I am so grateful that we have the kind of marriage that is built on this philosophy of “divorce is not an option.”  We trust each other, we pray together, we can talk to each other (sometimes loudly.  To borrow a phrase from my aunt, it’s ‘Intense Fellowship’), and we both know how to apologize when we are wrong.  Yes, ladies, I suppose I’m just lucky enough to have snagged Mr. Perfect.  (Wait- refer to the list above).

So, ten years, two careers, a home, two beautiful children, several sicknesses, not a whole lot of money, some really good times, some really low times, and a life together later, I say Happy Anniversary to my Super-Husband.  I love you because you put up with me.  I love you because you are hilarious and have always known how to make me laugh.  I love you because you are a great father.  I love you because you will always do what needs to be done.  I love you because you will tell me the soup I made looks like vomit.  I love you because you are passionate about your career.  I love you because of our irreconcilable differences, and I look forward to a forever future with you finding new ones.


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